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Zneužití dominantního postavení nedovolenými cenovými praktikami / Abuse of the Dominant Position by Prohibited Pricing Activities

Abuse of the Dominant Position by Prohibited Pricing Activities Abstract This thesis analyzes selected pricing practices of dominant undertakings namely predatory pricing, margin squeeze and excessive pricing. These practices may, under certain circumstances, constitute an abuse of the dominant position. The aim of the thesis is to focus on problematic aspects of each of these practices, on explanation of various legal and economic tests used to prove that certain pricing policy constitutes an abuse of dominant position and on the description of conditions that have to be met in order to consider such practice contrary to the competition law of the Czech Republic and the European Union. The thesis is composed of four chapters. In Chapter One a brief introduction to the competition law itself and to the analyzed matter is given. Chapter Two describes basic terminology used when dealing with cases of abuse of a dominant position such as basic legal concept of the abuse itself, definition of an undertaking and a competitor according to the EU law and the Czech law respectively, delimitation of a relevant market and finally definition of a dominant position. Chapter Three is oriented on the selected pricing practices of dominant undertakings. This Chapter is subdivided into three parts each of which is dealing...
Date January 2012
CreatorsMikeš, Stanislav
ContributorsPatěk, Daniel, Eichlerová, Kateřina
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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