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Návrh výukových programů pro Botanickou zahradu hl. m. Prahy / Draft of Training Programs for Botanic Garden of Prague

The thesis is dedicated to conception of education programms for Botanical Garden of the Capital City of Prague. Its intention is to complete and enlarge the offer of education programms for individual expositions which the Garden offers to visiting schools. Three education programms were developed; two of them concern the ecology of amphibians and the other concerns the life in North American Plains for target group of pupils of primary and secondary educational levels. Pupils get to know the given topics interactively and their understanding is tested by suggested game activities. Furthermore, there are working papers and didactic tools (playing cards) prepared to accompany the programms. Utility and atractivity of education programms with the topic of amphibians were tested on pupils in a pilot survey. Evaluation was conducted by educators on the basis of questionnaires. After analysing the data retrieved from questionnaires percentage graphs were used to provide results for validation of anticipated assumptions. It was confirmed that educators talked through topics beforehand. Further, programms correspond with the scale and form of education at an ordinary school. Educators would prefer some activities to others which refutes the last assumption. Programms for the exposition The Wetland and...
Date January 2014
CreatorsPolačková, Monika
ContributorsSkýbová, Jana, Vítová, Eva
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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