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Právní úprava invalidity a invalidních důchodů v ČR / Legislation of disability and disability pension in the Czech Republic

1 Resume Legislation of disability and disability pension in the Czech Republic The purpose of my thesis is to analyse the Czech legislation of disability pension and its conditions of entitlement, and then to compare them with the situation in selected states in the European Union. I have chosen this particular topic, because a material security of disabled persons is an essential part of legislation in every developed country. This thesis is composed of seven chapters; each of them is divided into several subchapters. The first chapter characterises the pension scheme and its principles. There are explained the basic features of pension insurance, such as personal scope, period of insurance and financing. This chapter also lists benefits paid of pension insurance in the Czech Republic. The second chapter outlines the development of material security of disabled persons during previous centuries. It focuses on responsibility for persons unable to work, which has transferred from church to villages and later to state. Next chapter defines the term invalidity and points out several different looks at the concept of it. This chapter also includes the international definition formed by the World health organization. The chapter number four examines relevant Czech legislation. For entitlement to a disability...
Date January 2014
CreatorsVrlíková, Gabriela
ContributorsZemanová, Jana, Vysokajová, Margerita
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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