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Ochrana průmyslového vlastnictví a mezinárodní právo / Protection of industrial property and international law.

Resumé - English language The topic of this thesis is the protection of industrial property and international law. The aim of the thesis is to provide an overview of the international treaties governing the law of intellectual property. The focus of the thesis also includes the current issues within this area of law. The introduction focuses on current dynamic development of the society and technology and the need for flexible legal framework in relation to protection of the industrial property, capable of addressing such dynamic development and changes. The first chapter includes definitions of terms concerning intellectual and industrial property, brief history and the philosophical origins of intellectual property. The second chapter describes important international organizations active in the area of industrial property and their mutual relations. This chapter also describes more in detail the two historically most important international documents - Paris Convention and the TRIPS Agreement and their most important principles. The end of the chapter deals with the status of the European Union and its legal norms in the area of industrial property. Chapters 3 - 7 gradually focus on individual objects of industrial property law protection. Firstly I deal with patent protection, its particular...
Date January 2016
CreatorsPotecká, Patrícia
ContributorsDobřichovský, Tomáš, Žikovská, Petra
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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