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Ochrana hospodářské soutěže - zneužití dominantního postavení / Protection of business competition - Abuse of dominant position

Protection of business competition - Abuse of dominant position The main objective of this thesis is a comprehensive analysis of the term "abuse." In a wider complex, thesis deals with a question of the present aim and prevailing method of application of provision 102 TFEU in order to find out whether and if yes, to what extent is current approach compatible with the modernization process of the application of article 102 TFEU declared by the Commission. Thesis deals with a question whether decisional practise is capable to react on a challenge made by so called new economy sector. Thesis consists of five substantial chapters. The first chapter sums up historical development of the 102 prohibition in Europe and USA law with a particular focus on the objective behind the text of the relevant provisions and decisions and its changes in time. The second chapter zooms to modernization process in relation to Art. 102. The central chapter analyses in detail the features of the general definition of an abuse arising from the decision of Hoffmann-La Roche, namely: i) a special responsibility of the undertaking; ii) the objective nature of the abuse and the effect of conduct on competition; iii) competition on the merits. An analysis of the concept of anticompetitive foreclosure follows. The concept of...
Date January 2015
CreatorsKramářová, Monika
ContributorsHoráček, Vít, Čech, Petr
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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