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Modernizace spalovacích zařízení v elektrárně Poříčí

The task of this thesis is the introduction to combustion facilities modernization issues of the Poříčí power plant. Summary and content of the valid legislative regulations concerning the coal power plants is provided in the theoretical section. The original combustion technology of the granulations boilers prior the modernization and the present state of the fluidized bed combustion technology after it are described. Differences and specifications of the stated technologies are explained in the practical section. The impact of modernization from the environmental criteria point of view with production comparison of polluting emissions during fluidized bed combustion of coal and biomass is analyzed. The economic criteria of modernization on the emission fee calculations bases during fluidized bed combustion of coal and biomass are calculated too. The main differences in combusting the mentioned fuels are explained. The further possibilities of the solid fuel combustion technology in fluidized bed combustor at Poříčí power plant are discussed.
Date January 2016
CreatorsHuvar, Karel
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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