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Trans* identita a rodičovství v České republice / Trans* Identity and Parenting in the Czech Republic

This diploma thesis deals with experiences and ideas of parenting trans*'s persons in the context of their identity. I primarily follow feminist theories and constructivist paradigm, where the research being realized through semi-structured interviews. In the theoretical part I define the basic terms and concepts on which my work is based. I focus on the conceptualization of trans* identities, on the concept of transsexuality in the Czech medical and socio-legal discourse, as well as on their limits in terms of gender perspective. Furthermore, I present the partnership and sexual relations of trans* persons, which then lead me to parenthood itself in the context of trans * identities. Finally, I deal with the coming-out process, especially with a focus on offspring. Within the analytical part I am interested in the attitude of trans* people to prevent reproductive function as the legal condition of gender transition, what reproductive ways and ways of parenting they choose, what obstacles they encounter in the context of parenthood and how they perform their parental role. Key words: gender, trans* identity, heteronormativity, coming out, homophobia, transphobia, limits of identity, parenting, parenting role, kids
Date January 2018
CreatorsVostárková, Lucie
ContributorsSokolová, Věra, Baslarová, Iva
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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