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Vybrané aspekty sdílené ekonomiky s důrazem na Airbnb a Uber (2. část SZZk z oboru FP) / Selected Aspects of Sharing Economy with emphasis on Airbnb and Uber

This thesis deals with a subject of collaboration economy and it aims at two of its representatives in particular, Airbnb and Uber. My focus targets at current status in terms of established or missing regulation and mapping of up to date trends for regulation to be developed or to be improved in contrast to what has already set. Simultaneously, there is described its functional system and familiarization with them for a potential user. At least but not last, one of the goals is to clarify why new representatives as Uber or Airbnb might be spotted controversial. It is observed that current legal status of collaborative economy does not reflect its ability to share a global market and its potential regulation from government point of view has become likely. However, politician opinions on how this regulation should look like vary. Nevertheless what may be found identical in those opinions is that there is no will collaborative economy to be repressed however, rules and limits should be clearly stated. Expansion of digital technologies and its relation to collaborative economy growth was hardly predictable. For traditional services, for instance, taxi drivers, rules and limits are very restrictive regardless modern social and technological situation does not require such a strict limits since modern...
Date January 2018
CreatorsJežková, Jaroslava
ContributorsHraba, Zdeněk, Charvátová, Dagmar
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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