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Muzikoterapie a její vliv na děti předškolního věku / Music Therapy And its Influence On Preschool Children

The topic of the master thesis is music therapy and its effect on preschool children. The master thesis consists of four chapters, whereby the first three being the theoretical part and the fourth the practical part. The theoretical part pays attention to music therapy from a historical point of view but it also examines the current theoretical and practical concept. The theoretical part offers basic information about pre-school education, including a description of teachers, children and an institution called a kindergarten. In that respect, there is also a brief mention of the Štíty kindergarten, from which the research sample comes. Furthermore, the theoretical part also focuses on art therapies in general. It is mainly focused on the music therapy. However, a brief description of three other art therapeutic disciplines, such as art therapy, drama therapy and dance-movement therapy, is also included. The main aim of the theoretical part was to offer comprehensive overview of knowledge and the facts in order to help the understanding of important facts about music therapy and preschool education. With the focus on the interconnection of these two key areas. Finally, a brief introduction of art therapies and its other specializations is included. All the included information is based on the study...
Date January 2020
CreatorsŠevčíková, Aneta
ContributorsStrouhal, Martin, Sedláčková, Daniela
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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