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Kvalita ošetřovatelské péče z pohledu pacientů se stomií / The nursing care quality from the point of view of stoma patients

Person with stoma is any handicapped human with temporarily or permanently drawn hollow organ out onto body surface. The most common it concerns colon, small intestine or urinal system. Uncontrollable emptying of faecal matter or urine happens by innatural way with necessary use of stoma appliances. In stomas sphere the most important factor is informedness not only of the patient himself but of nurses as well. Sufficient education of a patient and ability of a nurse to treat stoma is the base of good nursing care. The aim of the thesis was to find out to what degree the stoma patients are informed on ways of stoma treatment and how they are satisfied with the quality of given nursing care. The work is divided on contemporary state and methodological procedures. Contemporary state includes especially pre-operation, post-operation, home and out-patient care, clients´ education, importance of stoma nurse and association of stoma patients, kinds of stoma appliances, specifics of stoma patients´ nutrition, social problems of stomas etc. For the research part six hypotheses were established. They concerned the quality of nursing care, problems of stomas treating, cooperation with nurse and club of stoma patients. It was found out that 81% addressed people are satisfied with the quality of given nursing care, 98% are familiar with problems of stomas treating, 99% were able after six months after setting of stoma to take care of stoma themselves,72% are members of the club and 90% cooperate with a stoma nurse. On the base of the research all hypotheses were confirmed and the aim of the thesis was fulfilled.In the thesis a method of quantitative research was chosen. The research proceeded in Hospital České Budějovice, Inc. in clubs of stoma patients in Tábor and Příbram. The technique of data collecting was anonymous questionnaire established for clients with a stoma. 100 respondents were addressed. The research proceeded on the base of personal contact and cooperation with stoma patients, therefore the return of questionnaires was 100%. Two questionnaires were from the reason of incompleteness taken out. The results are given in percentages and diagrammatized.
Date January 2008
CreatorsVLČKOVÁ, Veronika
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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