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IT Controlling / IT Controlling

In last decades, we are viewers of the trend, when business informatics adopts and implements general managerial methodology, methods and tools. These are modified in the specific condition of business informatics. We can demonstrate this trend on the follow examples: Corporate Governance, derived IT Governance. Corporate Performance Measurement (CPM), derived IT Performance Measurement (IT PM) or Balanced Scorecard (BSC), derived IT Balanced Scorecard (IT BSC). There is enough scope for all this domains in the Czech written literature. But there is no scope for IT controlling. The main goal of this thesis is verify the Eschenbach concept of controlling can be adopted by business informatics in its specific condition. This diploma thesis also handles about problems and benefits caused by implementation this concept of controlling in business informatics. The main goal is reached by exploration literature, researches, case studies, articles and other paper or electronic essays, when the methods of deduction and synthesis are used for customizing general facts about controlling for IT Governance and IT Management Thesis is divided in three parts: At the beginning of this diploma thesis, there are introduced right assumptions for correct understanding of IT controlling. The benefits of this part we can see in the defining of system attributes of business informatics and comparison IT Management and IT Governance with two theoretical approaches to management control system. By this comparison is verified the possibility to adopt controlling in business informatics. In the second part of this diploma thesis, there is description of author concept IT controlling based on Eschenbach. There is description of main IT controlling function, institutionalization of IT controlling and the role of IT controller in organizational structure. The rest of this thesis is devoted to the concrete IT controlling functions, problems and solving of theirs. These are divides in two categories. The firs one is focused on performance oriented IT controlling. The second one is focused on IT costs oriented IT controlling. This thesis handles about IT controlling complexly. The result of this diploma thesis is author concept of IT controlling based on Eschenbach concept of controlling.
Date January 2010
CreatorsŠkolník, Petr
ContributorsMaryška, Miloš, Pour, Jan
PublisherVysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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