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A multimodal program of identification and remediation for intermediate students with learning disabilities in the area of written expression

The study was not concerned with those students who have seevere problems of phasia, agnosia, apraxia, or alexis. It was not concerned with the “non-reader” or the child diagnosed as dyslexic.
The focus of the study was on those students who exhibited the following behaviors: (1) those who can read although no necessarily at “grade level” or at a level considered to be “normal”; (2) those who cannot copy correctly; (3) those who do not finish their written work; (4) those who make correct verbal responses but incorrect written responses; (5) those who have established a delaying routine of sharpening pencils, losing materials, or making trip to the wastebasket; (6) those who work while the teacher is beside them and stop working when the teacher goes away form them.
Date01 January 1975
CreatorsMcDonald, Alma Alene
PublisherScholarly Commons
Source SetsUniversity of the Pacific
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceUniversity of the Pacific Theses and Dissertations

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