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Application of Dynamic Monte Carlo Technique in Proton Beam Radiotherapy using Geant4 Simulation Toolkit

Monte Carlo method has been successfully applied in simulating the particles transport problems. Most of the Monte Carlo simulation tools are static and they can only be used to perform the static simulations for the problems with fixed physics and geometry settings. Proton therapy is a dynamic treatment technique in the clinical application. In this research, we developed a method to perform the dynamic Monte Carlo simulation of proton therapy using Geant4 simulation toolkit. A passive-scattering treatment nozzle equipped with a rotating range modulation wheel was modeled in this research.

One important application of the Monte Carlo simulation is to predict the spatial dose distribution in the target geometry. For simplification, a mathematical model of a human body is usually used as the target, but only the average dose over the whole organ or tissue can be obtained rather than the accurate spatial dose distribution. In this research, we developed a method using MATLAB to convert the medical images of a patient from CT scanning into the patient voxel geometry. Hence, if the patient voxel geometry is used as the target in the Monte Carlo simulation, the accurate spatial dose distribution in the target can be obtained.

A data analysis tool?root was used to score the simulation results during a Geant4 simulation and to analyze the data and plot results after simulation.

Finally, we successfully obtained the accurate spatial dose distribution in part of a human body after treating a patient with prostate cancer using proton therapy.
Date02 October 2013
CreatorsGuan, Fada 1982-
ContributorsPoston, John W, Braby, Leslie A, Ford, John R, Turner, Nancy D
Source SetsTexas A and M University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis, text

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