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A virtual sculpture based morphable face model

Exemplar virtual three-dimensional sculptures collected from sixteen artists are used to develop a multidimensional
space to describe facial shape, which is then used as a mechanism for modeling new faces. This
is accomplished through identifying and varying derived principal components of the multi-dimensional
space. The relationships between these principal components and their effects on new faces are explored
through the creation of new virtual faces using a graphical user interface. These new virtual face sculptures are
then modified by facial feature, gender, and expression using a feature-based transformation interface based on
difference vectors. Finally, animations are created to illustrate the results of these approaches. Facial mesh
transformations based on principal components does not give direct predictable control for modifying specific
facial features. However, it does provide interesting design choices for artists, and general patterns of the data
variance were obtained. The feature-based transformations were successful in further modifying created faces.
Date17 September 2007
CreatorsRiewe, Jessica Lauren
ContributorsParke, Frederic I.
PublisherTexas A&M University
Source SetsTexas A and M University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis, text
Format8010031 bytes, electronic, application/pdf, born digital

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