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Protestant's Guide To Catholic "Nunsense": A Performance Study And Analysis Of "Sister Mary Hubert"

Anita Endsley will portray the role of Sister Mary Hubert in the musical Nunsense at Seaside Music Theatre in Daytona Beach, Florida from October 28 through November 14, 2005. This parody of convent life in crisis written by Dan Goggin provides a breadth of material for analysis of the genre as well as character analysis. Dissecting the comedy will be the foundation for characteer development. The popularity of this musical among Catholic and non-Catholic audiences have created a market that inspired the writer to extend this theme through five sequels. The commercial success of these musicals suggest a strong connection between the demands of the Catholic doctrine and the foundation for comic relief. A vast amount of research can be incorporated to assist in the analysis of comedy written into Nunsense.
Date01 January 2005
CreatorsEndsley, Anita
Source SetsUniversity of Central Florida
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceElectronic Theses and Dissertations

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