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A Study of Perceptions on Incident Response Exercises, Information Sharing, Situational Awareness, and Incident Response Planning in Power Grid Utilities

The power grid is facing increasing risks from a cybersecurity attack. Attacks that shut off electricity in Ukraine have already occurred, and successful compromises of the power grid that did not shut off electricity to customers have been privately disclosed in North America. The objective of this study is to identify how perceptions of various factors emphasized in the electric sector affect incident response planning. Methods used include a survey of 229 power grid personnel and the use of partial least squares structural equation modeling to identify causal relationships. This study reveals the relationships between perceptions by personnel responsible for cybersecurity, regarding incident response exercises, information sharing, and situational awareness, and incident response planning. The results confirm that the efforts by the industry on these topics have advanced planning for a potential attack.
Date01 January 2019
CreatorsGarmon, Joseph
Source SetsUniversity of Central Florida
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceElectronic Theses and Dissertations

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