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The Operations Research Approach for an Effective Management Information System

This report serves as an overview to the design of an effective Management Information System (MIS) by incorporating the modeling techniques of an Operations Research (OR) approach. It will be shown that the consideration of OR input requirements mixed with the information requirements for a data base existing at the everyday accounting and operational level creates a responsible management control and decision-making tool. This mix of OR and everyday information approach varies as a function of the managerial activities and the organizational level of effort. In lieu of designing a "total" MIS system, MIS designers should structure a loosely connected federation of MIS sub-systems using the appropriate mix which, for each of the operations, controlling, and planning activities, meets the problem-solvers' requirements. A discussion of the background, definitions, and attributes of MIS and OR will be made in Chapters I and II prior to merging these two entities into a unified concept. Chapter III will develop this concept. A manufacturing organization environment will serve as a point of reference for the formulation of models in the application areas of sales forecasting, production, manpower planning, inventory control, and machine center utilization. I am not proposing a "pipedream" non-realistic approach to a MIS system design that will solve all of management's problems. However, by planting the seeds of OR modeling techniques in the early phase of the design and development, the MIS system will, like a tree, in 3 to 5 years bear the fruit of today's careful planning.
Date01 January 1972
CreatorsMutzman, Joel L.
PublisherFlorida Technological University
Source SetsUniversity of Central Florida
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceRetrospective Theses and Dissertations
RightsWritten permission granted by copyright holder to the University of Central Florida Libraries to digitize and distribute for nonprofit, educational purposes.

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