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Digital Computer Analysis of the Kinetic Response of a Thermal Pressurized Water Reactor Power Plant

A digital computer model has been developed to simulate the kinetic response of a thermal pressurized water reactor power plant. The program is capable of predicting core power and plant temperature variations which result from disturbances due to routine demand changes, control rod movement, and fission product poison transients as well as from transients during plausible accident situations. The development of the differential equations describing the influence of various primary plant components on the dynamics of the reactor have been heretofore documented in the literature. Finite difference equations facilitating the employment of a digital computer solution are fully derived. Confidence in program validity is supported by the simulation of previously studied accidents and comparison with the safety analyses of a licensed nuclear power generating plant. A source listing of the computer program is provided in the Appendix.
Date01 January 1978
CreatorsAlburger, John F.
PublisherFlorida Technological University
Source SetsUniversity of Central Florida
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceRetrospective Theses and Dissertations
RightsPublic Domain

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