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An art practice sustained

Image makers are often--and rightly--held to task for what they produce. This is a necessary lesson, but the time has come for us to cast a critical eye on the processes that lead up to the creation of that image in the first place, especially as it relates to sustainability and environmental cost. When asking the question of "what does this work say and who is it saying it to?" we must concurrently ask "what is the environmental cost of making this work and is that cost balanced by what it is saying?"
Date01 May 2009
CreatorsCable, Courtney Paige Davids
ContributorsKanouse, Sarah E.
PublisherUniversity of Iowa
Source SetsUniversity of Iowa
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations
RightsCopyright © 2009 Courtney Paige Davids Cable

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