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Tactical practices for locating intimacy

For us, the practice of art is extremely important because it provides us with a method for interrogating everyday life - a chance to break with what has been normalized through the routinization of life so as to ask ourselves: is this the best we can do? From here, everything becomes the subject of critical reflection whether the institution, the food you eat, your working relations, or your sexuality. So for example, we ask: how are we organized by Art School, the infrastructure, professionalism, academic standards, curriculum, etc. and in what ways does this determine our ability to imagine and act upon more egalitarian ways of being? In an attempt to answer such a call we are seeking to develop a set of tactics that may help expand a sense of ecology - that notion of interconnectivity that seems so difficult to comprehend yet crucial to the survival of the human life on earth - as well as expand a sense of art in which art is not merely representational but an integral part of how better worlds can be inhabited.
Date01 December 2012
CreatorsHoeks, Joshua James
ContributorsBarbuzza, Isabel
PublisherUniversity of Iowa
Source SetsUniversity of Iowa
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations
RightsCopyright © 2012 Joshua Hoeks

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