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Animals be we

Drawing from interdisciplinary sources my work is focused on site-specificity, process, and how we orient ourselves within our landscape. Often searching to locate myself, I look to the potential of environments as conduits for performance and sculptural interventions. The outcome of my research varies from performance and installation, to sound, video, and drawing. Enticed by the relationship between the body and its surroundings, I utilize marks, light, movement, and ritual. Absurdity and fantasy often enter the work, through my unseen labor and created personas, creating a dialog between our symbolic and animal selves.
Date01 May 2014
CreatorsBartlett, Heidi Kristen
ContributorsKanouse, Sarah E.
PublisherUniversity of Iowa
Source SetsUniversity of Iowa
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations
RightsCopyright © 2014 Heidi Bartlett

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