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VNC Service on Bluetooth Wireless Network

With characteristics such as small size, low weight and low power consumption, Bluetooth wireless technology provides efficient communication ability for pocket size devices, for which power consumption is critical. Built-in security features may serve as substitute for application level security. Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol (SDP) provides information of availability and characteristics of services in the RF proximity. In this work, a VNC service is set up for Bluetooth wireless network and performance tests are made. A VNC server provides virtual consoles for VNC clients across different platforms. VNC has little computing power requirement on client side, fitting the profiles of most Bluetooth devices. Access can be limited to a particular window and its children windows; the function of the particular window can be advertised with SDP. The use of VNC is extended from a remote console only to a "platform" for services in general.
Date07 August 2003
CreatorsXia, Rui
Source SetsUniversity of New Orleans
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceUniversity of New Orleans Theses and Dissertations

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