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Diffusion of Pb210 and Cl36 in the Molten PbCl2-NaCl System

Since 1955 research has been conducted at North Texas State College on diffusion in molten salts. The object of this work was a continuation of the diffusion studies, specifically the diffusion of Pb210 and Cl36 in molten PbCl2-NaCl mixtures.
Date08 1900
CreatorsWimberley, Jerry Wayne
ContributorsPerkins, Gerald, York, Carl T.
PublisherNorth Texas State College
Source SetsUniversity of North Texas
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis or Dissertation
Formatv, 31 leaves : ill., Text
RightsPublic, Copyright, Copyright is held by the author, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved., Wimberley, Jerry Wayne

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