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"When We Go to Deal with City Hall, We Put on a Shirt and Tie": Gay Rights Movement Done the Dallas Way, 1965-2003

This dissertation examines the gay rights movement occurring in Dallas, Texas, from the mid-twentieth century to present day by focusing on the work of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance (DGLA), previously known as the Dallas Gay Political Caucus and the Dallas Gay Alliance. Members of that group utilized a methodology they called "the Dallas Way" that minimized mass protests and rallies in favor of using backroom negotiations with the people who could make the changes sought by the movement. The fact that most of the members of the DGLA were white, professional men aided in the success of their methodology. Particularly useful in this type of effort is the use of legal action. The Dallas community supported several lawsuits that attempted to overthrow various versions of sodomy laws in the Texas Penal Code that criminalized an entire population of gay men and lesbians in the state.
Date12 1900
CreatorsWisely, Karen S.
ContributorsPomerleau, Clark A, Turner, Elizabeth H, Moye, J.Todd, Morris, Marilyn, Phelps, Wesley G.
PublisherUniversity of North Texas
Source SetsUniversity of North Texas
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis or Dissertation
RightsUse restricted to UNT Community, Wisely, Karen S., Copyright, Copyright is held by the author, unless otherwise noted. All rights Reserved.

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