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Finding Out How to Teach the Operant Quadrant: Content and Error Analysis

The goal of this study was to use a nonlinear approach to create a program to teach positive and negative reinforcement and punishment. A specific interest was to determine whether the program and its testing allowed for specific recommendations for future iterations of the program. The tests and program developed for this study were completed by 18 participants. Pre-test and post-test data showed that participants learned the most about positive contingencies, nonexample items, and ambiguous contingencies. Participants learned the least about negative contingencies. The data also revealed where additions to the instructional program were needed to produce better outcomes in future versions of the program.
Date08 1900
CreatorsAuzenne, Jessica L
ContributorsRosales-Ruiz, Jesús, Ala'i, Shahla, Cihon, Traci
PublisherUniversity of North Texas
Source SetsUniversity of North Texas
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis or Dissertation
Formatvi, 88 pages, Text
RightsPublic, Auzenne, Jessica L, Copyright, Copyright is held by the author, unless otherwise noted. All rights Reserved.

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