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Duality, Symbolism, and Time: A Convergent Practice in Butoh and Surrealist Expression

Butoh and Surrealism share some common features, three of which are: duality, symbolism and the manipulation of time. This project is an examination of the intersection of these elements and the development of a movement practice using these three, shared focusing lenses of Butoh and Surrealism, culminating in a performance.

The methodology of this study sought to generate movement through improvisation and studio exercises based upon a melded Butoh/Surrealist universe developed through applied research in the convergent elements of duality, symbolism and the manipulation of time. The elements that I distilled ultimately informed movement choices shaping a movement offering; a generated example of what could happen when this choreographic process is applied.
Date29 September 2014
CreatorsTheis, Taylor
ContributorsCherry, Christian
PublisherUniversity of Oregon
Source SetsUniversity of Oregon
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation
RightsCreative Commons BY 4.0-US

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