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Pedagogical implications and students' perceptions of genre method in an IELTS writing course

This case study examined both the implications of using genre pedagogy on students’ writing performance in IELTS-like tests as well as students’ perceptions of the genre method in the context of IELTS preparation course. The data were writing samples and the interviews with the students as well as the instructor’s teaching daily field notes. The implications and students’ perceptions of genre method were found relating to a variety of factors, such as students’ prior experience in IELTS preparation course. This study also proposed some future research directions such as the integration of IELTS preparation into the ESL courses. / Graduate
Date29 August 2018
CreatorsChen, Qinghua
ContributorsTobin, Ruthanne, Anderson, Tim
Source SetsUniversity of Victoria
LanguageEnglish, English
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsAvailable to the World Wide Web

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