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Job Duties and Qualifications for Computer Programmers in Selected Organizations of the Richmond, Virginia, Area and Implications for an Electronic Data Processing Curriculum at the Richmond Professional Institute

The tremendous impact of electronic data processing on the lives of the American people is being felt in every segment of our economy. Regardless of the area of activity, be it business, education, government, industry, or the service areas, electronic data processing is performing an increasingly· important function. The volume of paper work, the magnitude of government reports, and the demands of management for information, have created mammoth challenges for electronic data processing. These challenges are complex. However, electronic data processing equipment and personnel are making favorable gains on the problems posed by these challenges.
Date01 January 1966
CreatorsBlanks, Edwin E.
PublisherVCU Scholars Compass
Source SetsVirginia Commonwealth University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations
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