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Assessment of Pediatric-Focused Brief Motivational Interviewing Training of Dental Students and Pediatric Dental Residents

Purpose: To assess dental students and pediatric dental residents’ knowledge and attitudes towards motivational interviewing and evaluate the efficacy of a pediatric-focused brief motivational interviewing training program.
Methods: A total of 66 participants were enrolled; 35% were third year dental students, 46% were fourth year dental students and 18% were pediatric dental residents. Participants completed three questionnaires: the first before the training, the second immediately after the training and the third approximately 3.5 months after the training.
Results: A significant increase in correct responses was found for 4 of the 5 questions assessing participants’ knowledge. Participants were satisfied with the training (94%) and were interested in further training (89%). Participants believed patients and their parents would benefit from the intervention (97%).
Conclusions: The pediatric-focused BMI training program is a valuable addition to pre-doctoral and residency curricula by preparing students and residents to employ this beneficial technique.
Date01 January 2018
CreatorsOnesty, Victoria M
PublisherVCU Scholars Compass
Source SetsVirginia Commonwealth University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations
Rights© Victoria Onesty

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