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Systems engineering framework to assess the effect of very large capacity aircraft in airport operations /

Venturini, Alceste, January 1994 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1994. / Vita. Abstract. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 87-90). Also available via the Internet.

A study of the applications of operational research in the planning and design of airports /

Luk, Kapo Rose Maria. January 1999 (has links)
Thesis (M.A.)--University of Hong Kong, 1999. / Includes bibliographical references.

A study of the applications of operational research in the planning and design of airports

Luk, Kapo Rose Maria. January 1999 (has links)
Thesis (M.A.)--University of Hong Kong, 1999. / Includes bibliographical references. Also available in print.

Airports in Hong Kong and Shenzhen competition and co-operation /

Tai, Wai-ying. January 2005 (has links)
Thesis (M. A.)--University of Hong Kong, 2005. / Title proper from title frame. Also available in printed format.

The impacts of self-service check-in on the airport's operation

Wong, Chiu-fai, 黃朝輝 January 2013 (has links)
There is an increasing trend in self-service check-in (SSCI) utilization. SSCI would impact the passenger flow and baggage flow in airport operation because of the reduction of check-in processing time and the change of passenger arrival time to the airport. This dissertation is using the simulation model to simulate the passenger flow and a demand analysis model to calculate the baggage flow under various SSCI utilization rate for the assessment of the impacts on airport operation. The simulation results suggest that the higher the SSCI utilization rate, the shorter the queue length and waiting time at the check-in desks. However, the bottleneck would be potentially relocated to the downstream passenger security check and emigration process. Nevertheless, the increasing SSCI utilization provides room for the reduction of check-in desk without compromising the service level provided to passenger. On the other hand, the baggage system demand analysis is based on the modified arrival profile with addressing later passenger arrival time due to perception of shorter in-airport time. The results show that the later the passenger arriving at airport, the less the make-up devices required for the baggage handling system, which reduces the operation cost and delays the need for baggage hall expansion. Increasing SSCI utilization would bring both opportunities and challenges to the airport operation and this dissertation provides a study framework to assess the impacts on airport operation which could be applied by the airport operators. Airport operator could develop a more accurate and realistic simulation model and demand analysis model with real data collected from regular surveys and use them to forecast the service level and facility requirement with the change of SSCI utilization. As a result, airport operator can have a better facility planning to achieve cost-effectiveness and provide satisfactory service level to passenger. / published_or_final_version / Transport Policy and Planning / Master / Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning

Privatization of international airports the case of Bogota's Eldorado international airport /

Restrepo Marino, Alejandro, January 1900 (has links)
Thesis (LL.M.). / Written for the Institute of Air and Space Law. Title from title page of PDF (viewed 2009/06/17). Includes bibliographical references.

Training and needs assessment technique improvement in customer service through a field observation study

Sega, Meleina A. January 2006 (has links) (PDF)
Thesis, PlanB (M.S.)--University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2006. / Includes bibliographical references.

The influence of airports on the location of non-aviation industry : a case study : The Vancouver metropolitan area, B.C.

Northey, John Laird January 1963 (has links)
Airports, as terminals for a new and dynamic form of transportation, are not only places for the movement and storage of aircraft — they have a major influence on urban development. This fact is often underestimated by civic officials, airline officials, and planners. Airports as terminals are no different in function from the older and more well established port and rail terminals around which many of today's cities have developed. Today, as in the past, industry often demonstrates a preference for sites near major transportation terminals and routes in order to minimize transfer cost, and to increase convenience of handling. The airport, as another type of transportation terminal, could therefore, be expected to exercise a similar influence, as the efficiency and utilization of air-freight and corporate air travel increase. Within the context of the total airport-community relationship, a determination of the desirability to industry of sites located in proximity to a major airport is considered significant. To this end the hypothesis is advanced that: AS THE MAJOR AIRPORT EVOLVES INTO A PASSENGER AND FREIGHT TERMINAL, CERTAIN TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENTS OTHER THAN THOSE DIRECTLY CONCERNED WITH AVIATION, WILL DESIRE LOCATIONS ON OR NEAR THE AIRPORT SITE. A CASE STUDY: THE VANCOUVER METROPOLITAN AREA, B.C. The first stage in the investigation was to ascertain the nature of air freight and corporate air travel, and to describe the methods whereby these two new forms of transfer could benefit the operation of certain types of firms. Commodities presently being carried by air freight were then described, and their common characteristics determined. A high ratio of value to weight, perishability, fashionability, or emergency desirability were the most common characteristics of these commodities. For corporate air travel, a ranking of firms by 'propensity to travel' was established. Specific examples were found of airport location, by various industrial firms in several cities in the USA. These firms either produced, utilized, or distributed items suitable for air freight, or required extensive corporate travel. The hypothesis was, therefore, shown to have some relevance in these cities. From the established data, a list was derived of the types of firms considered to be those most likely to desire location near a major airport. The list was general and did not take into account regional differences in economies. In order to delineate the most suitable types of firms and to carry out interviews in the Case Study Area, it was necessary first to study the local economy and to amend the above list. By this method, only those firms would be interviewed that were representative of conditions in the Case Study Area. A Study Group was then chosen that represented a cross-section of suitable local firms. In order to investigate airport industrial location independently from other industrial location criteria, the attractiveness of an airport site location was ascertained under the following assumptions: i) Suitable land at a competitive price must be available at or close to Vancouver International Airport; ii) Good quality road and rail facilities must connect the airport to the major traffic generators of the metropolitan area; iii) Market factors must indicate the desirability of plant expansion, relocation, or creation; iv) Services such as water, sewer, and drainage must be available at reasonable cost; v) Airport and Municipal zoning regulation must permit the development anticipated; vi) Air freight rates will decrease as more efficient aircraft are introduced and freight volume increases; vii) A Customs Port will be established at the airport in the near future. Analysis of the survey response indicated that the majority of the managers of firms in the Study Group had considered the potential effects of air freight and corporate air travel on their operations. Twenty-five percent of the firms interviewed signified that relocation of part or all of their plants to a site near Vancouver International Airport was a distinct possibility in the near future. Thirty-five percent agreed with the hypothesis in principle, but believed it impractical for them because of other factors. Some of these factors (such as, for example, a need for locations central to service areas) may be reduced through future metropolitan growth. Forty percent of the firms rejected the hypothesis. Although further, more scientific surveys are required, several criteria emerged that may have significance for planning in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area or in regions economically similar to this area: i) Wholesale Distributors of Auto Parts, Textiles, and Industrial Machinery, and Distribution firms were those most favourable to airport location. Manufacturers were generally unfavourable; ii) Warehouses would comprise the predominant type of industrial use in any development in proximity to the airport; iii) Large firms of national or international scope were those most favourable to the hypothesis; iv) Firms that imported close to 100 percent of their stock tended to be those most favourable; v) There is a direct relationship between present regular use of air freight, and anticipated future regular use, with disposition to locate at or near the airport. Corporate air travel, though of concern, is not a definitive incentive to such location. / Applied Science, Faculty of / Community and Regional Planning (SCARP), School of / Graduate

Comparative analysis of air transportation in Atlanta and selected other Southeastern metropolitan areas : an option paper presented to Erik Ferguson

Fu, Tina Sau-Lan 12 1900 (has links)
No description available.

An analysis of the decision to build Hong Kong's second international airport /

Leung, Man-ho, Jonathan. January 1991 (has links)
Thesis (M.P.A.)--University of Hong Kong, 1991.

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