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L'Attitude de Voltaire a l'Egard des Juies

Obadia, André Amran 08 1900 (has links)
<p>Une analyse des écrits de Voltaire se rapportant aux Juifs de son époque et aux Juifs de la Bible afin de tenter de déterminer son attitude advers ces deux groupes.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

Modem Electronic Music: Breaking Down the Producer/Consumer Dichotomy

Kane, Anne-Marie 10 1900 (has links)
<p>This thesis investigates how modern technology, such as the internet and computer software, has deconstructed the traditional relationship between the music consumer and the music producer/maker. The internet, in particular, has facilitated the production and distribution of music to a potentially world-wide audience without using the traditional avenues offered by the recording industry. Advancements in computer software have also enabled the amateur composer to write and record music without the knowledge, experience and tools utilized by the professional composer or songwriter. The resulting style of music composed by using this software is electronic popular music and many parallels can be drawn to the history of modernist electronic music. To explore this, I have conducted interviews with people from different parts of the world who are currently active in composing and distributing music using the Internet. These amateur composers also use computer software to facilitate the production of their music without using traditional means. Drawing parallels between postmodernist theories and the success of their projects and personal experiences demonstrates the breaking down of the producer/consumer dichotomy.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

...sed proelia virgo Heroism and Death in Aeneid Eleven

Alessio, Maria 04 1900 (has links)
<p>The main points treated in this thesis may be summarised as follows:</p> <p>A study of Camilla indicating her ambivalent nature, her androgynous character and her Amazonian aspect which would consequently appear to be uppermost. Upon a detailed examination, Vergil's Volscian queen would seem to have been composed from various sources in Greek and Italic folklore and history:--Harpalyce, Atalanta, Medea, Cloelia, the various Valeriae, Dido, Amata and, in Vergil's own age, Cleopatra.</p> <p>In order to evaluate the character of Camilla it was necessary to examine heroism and death in other books of the Aeneid in order to introduce comparable behaviour of other heroes for an eventual assessment of character and values. When treating death and funeral rites one needed also to try and trace Vergil's sourced which were Greek, Etruscan and Roman.</p> <p>These findings, together with the dramatic, ritualistic and colourful language of the text would seem to be indicative of Vergil's interests and feelings, his dislikes and reservations, and suggest some possible conclusions.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

A Commentary on Ovid's Ars Amatoria 1.1-504

Kelk, Christopher Donald 09 1900 (has links)
<p>A commentary on Ars Amatoria 1.1-504 is supplemented by excursuses on the composition and structure of the work, Ovid's use of mythological exempla and his attitude towards Augustus in his pre-exilic poetry.</p> / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Le Problème de thème central de L'Ingénu de Voltaire

Shalom, Sophie Helen 04 1900 (has links)
<p>En 1767 Voltaire s'essaie, dans L'Ingénu, aux tendances nouvelles. L'on y ressent l'influence du primitivisme et de la littérature sentimentale. Voltaire adopt le point de vue que Rousseau exprime dans l'Emile: la liberté de l'enfance produit des hommes indépendants; elle est donc préférable à l'éducation conventionnelle. Dans L'Ingénu Voltaire revendique le gouvernement par les lois au lieu de l'arbitraire qui règne en France à l'époque. Dans se vie privée aussi bien que dans Les Soythes et dans L'Ingénu Voltaire se présente en homme détaché de ses anciennes ambitions. Son attitude envers l'autorité, c'est-à-dire le gouvernement et l'église y est plus conciliante qu'elle n'apparaît à certains auteurs qui ont traité ce sujet.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

The destruction of a black institution: a political economy of Fisk University, 1977-1984

Jennings, Keith L 01 July 1994 (has links)
This study examines the internal workings at Fisk University from 1977-1984. The main aim is to uncover several hidden factors contributing to the demise of the historically Black colleges and universities in the United States. The mission, place, and historical role of the challenges at Fisk University and the manner in which they were dealt with are presented. The period 1977-1984 is investigated because unlike other critical periods in the University's history, the issues which propelled the institution to the point of crisis are clearest and contain many important lessons relevant to the present, especially as they relate to the struggle for survival of the historically Black colleges and universities. The findings suggest that the failure of the Fisk Board of Trustees to be more involved in the governance of the university at a broader spectrum, along with their view of a contemporary education and the educational mission of a "Black college" led to the systematic destruction of the institution. Moreover, the board's views were contrary to the conjunctural and strategic educational needs of African American people in the United States of America.

Navigating Expectations: A Comparative Analysis of Writing Standards

Pichardo, Denise 01 January 2012 (has links)
Writing, for some, is seen as a predominantly subjective subject. Many standards of how writing is evaluated exist among institutions and professionals, and along with this, there are complications with fulfilling these standards because of the variety of opinions in what makes someone ready for college-level work. Because of this, it is hard for high schools, universities, and other organizations to agree on and determine one set of standards. This chapter will discuss the issue of college readiness and will introduce and discuss the need for an understanding of how college-level writing is defined among four different organizations. Then I will give an overview of each standard and look at the discussions that have arisen from professionals and educators. Lastly, this chapter will provide the overview of this study and my research questions.

Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear: A Chapbook and Thesis in One

Colodney, David 01 June 2013 (has links)
No description available.

The depths of the black (w)hole: an evolutionary study of eroticism in the poetry of African American women from the Harlem Renaissance to the present

Payne, Tiffinie N 01 December 1998 (has links)
This study concerns itself with the matter of researching the levels of eroticism in the poetry of African American women from the Harlem Renaissance to the present. The research explores the subject of sexual taboos in the African American community, but more specifically examines the sexuality of African American women and how, through poetry, their sexuality evolves making them complete and whole beings. The researcher found that by using poetry as a vehicle African American women have been able to display themselves as strong, sexual beings. Within their poetry they show that eroticism can be used as a tool for development of self rather than as a tool for development of self rather than as a vice which gives voice to heartache and pain.

The Audsleys, the Blackies and The Practical Decorator and Ornamentist

Acompañado, Gay 26 April 2010 (has links)
The Practical Decorator and Ornamentist (Glasgow, 1892), one of the jewels in James Branch Cabell Library, embodies the work of the distinguished British designers George Ashdown Audsley and Maurice A. Audsley; the eminent Scottish publishing firm of Blackie & Son; and the illustrious French printing house of Didot. The thesis argues that the Decorator is one of the great nineteenth-century design books. Chapter one focuses on G. A. Audsley’s five masterworks and illustrates the contributions of a distinguished family of architects. There has not been a study of the Audsleys in ten years, and the present study goes further than other scholars in giving the Audsleys proper credit. Chapter two examines the Blackies, summarizing for the first time their patronage of Alexander Thomson, Talwin Morris, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Chapter three is the first close analysis of the book, tying it to A. W. N. Pugin, Owen Jones and Christopher Dresser, and opening the question of its international impact to the present.

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