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Komercinių bankų veiklos efektyvumo įvertinimas AB Šiaulių bankas pavyzdžiu / Efficiency of commercial banks following the example of Šiaulių bankas AB

Kilčiauskienė, Zita 01 June 2005 (has links)
Methods of assessment of the bank’s activities efficiency are analyzed in the master thesis. Theoretical and practical methods of assessment of the banks’ activities of different Lithuanian and foreign authors are analyzed and systemized. The role of risk management function in the commercial bank and its impact on the results of the bank’s activities are analyzed in the research work. Problems of the bank’s capital adequacy management are analyzed in a comprehensive way, too. The analysis of the balance sheet of Šiaulių bankas AB is carried out and investment activities are evaluated. Moreover, legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, which influence the banks’ activities, are analyzed. The author’s formulated hypothesis of the scientific research is confirmed that an appropriately chosen strategy of assets management of the commercial bank has a direct impact on efficiency of the commercial bank’s activities.

The Impact of Financial Inclusion on the Nigerian Economy

Arthur-Iweze, Ifeanyi Jane 27 July 2021 (has links)
Financial inclusion remains a critical issue for developing economies such as Nigeria, where the focus of the government is to bring all economic units into the pool of the country's financial system. The rate of financial inclusion is an economic yardstick that cannot be discounted and one which remains a clear focal point of different inter-governmental efforts and policy. On one hand, there is the realisation that a low rate of financial inclusion means that a huge percentage of the population rarely has access to the kind of financial services that can take them out of poverty. As a contemporary discourse, this research seeks to assess the impact of financial inclusion on the development of the economy; arguing on the premise that proxy indicators in existing research have failed to provide a clear picture on the impact of financial inclusion on the economy, thereby failing to provide stakeholders with a strong motivation to pursue financial inclusiveness in the country. The focus of the study is to assess the effect of financial inclusion on income inequality and economic growth. To achieve this objective the study leverages on data spanning a period of 34 years (1981 to 2016), based on data generated from the Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin and the World Bank Development Indicators. Using the Error Correction Mechanism (ECM),Unit Root Analysis and the Co-Integration analytical framework, the findings indicated that the short and longrun relationship between financial inclusion and economic growth in Nigeria show that the current values of the variables were not significant. Regarding the relationship between financial inclusion and income inequality in Nigeria, the short-run result revealed that only the past values of loans to rural areas and number of commercial bank branches appears to be significant, while at the long-run, the lagged value of gross domestic product per capital, commercial bank deposits and loans to rural areas were found to be statistically significant. The study further notes that financial inclusiveness was a precursor for economic growth in Nigeria. It is on this basis that the study recommends among others that; there is the need to increase loans to the rural areas by at least 50% this can be done through moral suasion to boost the economic activities in the rural areas, improve their aggregate demand, and ultimately their standard of living. There is also the need to engage more workforce in the rural areas to close the inequality gap prevalent in the country.

The Organizational Mechanisms through Which Foreign Strategic Investors Help Improve the Performance of Chinese Commercial Banks: A Qualitative Analysis

January 2015 (has links)
abstract: In this study I investigate the organizational mechanisms (pathways) through which strategic investors can help a firm improve performance. Many commercial banks in China have recently invited foreign banks as strategic investors since China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), hoping to gain managerial and technological knowhow from the foreign banks. Using Shanghai Pudong Development Bank as a representative example, I conduct an in-depth qualitative analysis about how the joining of Citi Bank as a strategic investor has helped the local Chinese bank improve its financial performance. On the basis of a comprehensive review of the relevant literature, I first develop a theoretical model that describes the organizational mechanisms (pathways) through which foreign strategic investors can influence the local bank’s performance. Specifically, by participation in corporate governance, the foreign strategic investor can have a positive influence over the local bank’s strategy development, operational targets, incentive systems, and organizational culture, which consequently lead to improvements in the local banks operations and financial performance. I then use a case study method to substantiate the logic and the pathways of the model with the detailed information collected from the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Citi Bank strategic alliance. The results are consistent with the model’s descriptive validity. / Dissertation/Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation Business Administration 2015

The Source of Senior Management in the Branches of China’s City Commercial Bank: Internal Training or External Introduction

January 2017 (has links)
abstract: China's city commercial banks were reorganized by the urban credit cooperatives in the same city in the 1990s. Although they are allowed to open branches outside the registered city, the location and the number of their branches have been strictly restricted. It is fatal to them to increase the competitiveness of their branches. Based on the diversity theory and its mechanism, in this study I examined the impact of source diversity of the senior management in the branches of the city commercial bank on the branches’ productivity and their asset yield. Invoking the resource-based theory and the social capital framework, the source diversity lead to the organization resources diversity and the organization knowledge diversity. The results demonstrate that the source diversity contribute to the branches’ competitiveness advantage. Both internal trained personnel and external introduction personnel are important for the branches’ top management team. But one of the two kinds of personnel is more suitable to their middle management team. / Dissertation/Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation Business Administration 2017

Finanční analýza společnosti J&T Banka a.s. / Financial analysis of J&T BANK

Krtička, Pavel January 2015 (has links)
The aim of this thesis is to assess the financial health of the company J&T BANK for the five-year economic period from 2010 to 2014 based on various methods of financial analysis. The entire thesis is structurally divided into two main parts. The first part, purely of a theoretical nature, deals with the very financial analysis, or its main aspects, which can comprehensively evaluate the bank's performance using financial and analytical methods. In the second part, there is application of the selected methods, which were introduced in the theoretical part, on the bank. First, absolute and ratio indicators are analysed-also in the context of the bank's competitive position-which are then supplemented by a detailed breakdown of return on equity, results of selected prediction models of financial distress, and SWOT analysis. In the conclusion, the thesis sums up all partial results obtained, which are then used for the prediction and evaluation of the overall financial situation of the company.

Estimating the cost of deposit insurance for a commercial bank following an optimal investment strategy

Matamba, Itani January 2020 (has links)
>Magister Scientiae - MSc / Commercial banks play a dominant role in facilitating the economic growth of a country by acting as an intermediary between the de cit spending unit (borrowers) and the surplus spending unit (lenders). In particular, they transform short-term deposits into medium and long-term loans. Due to their important role in the economy and the nancial system as a whole, commercial banks are subject to high regulation standards in most countries. According to an international set of capital standards known as the Basel Accords, banks are required to hold a minimum level of capital as a bu er to protect their depositors and the nancial market in an event of severe unexpected losses caused by nancial risk. Moreover, government regulators aim to maintain public con dence and trust in the banking system through the use of a deposit insurance scheme (DIS). Deposit insurance (DI) has the e ect of eliminating mass withdrawals of deposits in an event of a bank failure. However, DI comes at a cost. The insuring agent is tasked with estimating a fairly priced premium that the bank should be charged for DI.

The Impacts of Internet Finance on the Profitability of China's Banking Industry

Zhang, Hongnai 01 May 2020 (has links)
Since the mobile communication technology gains a big success in China, internet finance becomes one of the most emerging industries in China in the past decade. People’s living habits have been deeply changed by this emerging service. Nowadays the majority of Chinese citizens use cellphones to deposit and make payments, rather than use traditional debit and credit cards. They can even scan their cellphones to pay the bus and subway fares. While facilitating people’s lives, internet finance also causes new challenges for the commercial banks in China. It makes financial transactions more efficient and lowers transaction costs. Meanwhile, it also takes some profit sources of traditional commercial banks. This study first analyzes the current developing situation of internet finance in China and then introduce the banks efficiency of Chinese banks. Finally, the profitability that is measure by the ROA and ROE of 15 public commercial banks are chosen as the independent variables that measure the profitability of banks. The market scale of internet finance and its profitability are the independent variables. The study finds that while internet finance continues to develop in China, commercial banks’ profitability keeps a decreasing trend. The test results indicate that with the increase of one percent in total revenue, net income and ROA of the internet finance industry, the commercial banks’ ROA decreases by 0.02%, 0.04 and 2.52%, while ROE reduces by 0.22%, 1.04%, and 3.99% respectively.

Dopad plateb třetích stran na ziskovost komerčních bank / The impact of third-party payment on the profitability of commercial banks

Lu, Yilin January 2021 (has links)
This thesis selects data from the financial annual report of 15 different kinds of commercial banks in China from 2016 to 2019. Meanwhile, the bank's return on total assets (ROA) and non-interest income ratio (NIIR) are considered as dependent variables and other variables are considered as the independent variables. The aim of this thesis is to examine the effect of third-party payment developments on the profitability of commercial banks and whether the effect is different due to different types of banks. At the end of the thesis, suggestions are proposed for banks to withstand risks and improve supervision. JEL Classification F12 Keywords third-party payment , commercial bank profitability, bank supervision , regression Title The impact of third-party payment on the profitability of commercial banks.

Dopad plateb třetích stran na ziskovost komerčních bank / The impact of third-party payment on the profitability of commercial banks

Lu, Yilin January 2021 (has links)
This article explores the influence of Chinese third-party payment transaction volume on the profitability of Chinese 15 commercial banks. The article starts from the operating model of third-party payment , and then builds four corresponding models from the four dimensions of deposits, loans, non-interest income, and return on assets to test the impact of third-party payment on the profitability of commercial banks. The article concludes with conclusion and recommendations for commercial banks to mitigate risks, supervise third-party payment platforms, and collaborate with third-party payment platforms. JEL Classification F12 Keywords third-party payment , commercial bank profitability, bank supervision , regression Title The impact of third-party payment on the profitability of Chinese commercial banks.

Особенности финансовой устойчивости коммерческого банка в современных экономических условиях : магистерская диссертация / Features of financial stability of a commercial bank in modern economic conditions

Чувашова, А. А., Chuvashova, A. A. January 2018 (has links)
The final qualifying work (master's thesis) is devoted to the study of the activities of commercial banks from the standpoint of maintaining their financial stability in the current economic situation. The subject of the research is economic relations on the use of financial resources that ensure the efficiency of operations and the financial stability of PJSC Sberbank of Russia. The purpose of the work is to study the factors affecting the financial stability of PJSC “Sberbank of Russia”, as well as to develop ways to improve it based on the results obtained during the analysis. As a result of writing the dissertation, recommendations were made to strengthen the financial sustainability of Sberbank of Russia, and an event was developed and calculated that will have a positive impact on the financial sustainability of the bank. / Выпускная квалификационная работа (магистерская диссертация) посвящена исследованию деятельности коммерческих банков с позиции сохранения их финансовой устойчивости в условиях современной экономической ситуации. Предметом исследования выступают экономические отношения по использованию финансовых ресурсов, обеспечивающих эффективность деятельности и финансовую устойчивость ПАО «Сбербанк России». Цель работы заключается в исследовании факторов, влияющих на финансовую устойчивость ПАО «Сбербанк России», а также разработке путей ее повышения на основе результатов, полученных при проведении анализа. В результате написания диссертационной работы даны рекомендации по укреплению финансовой устойчивости ПАО «Сбербанк России», разработано и рассчитано мероприятие, которое окажет положительное влияние на финансовую устойчивость банка.

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