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The construction of intercommunication networks /

Foran, Thomas James. January 1978 (has links)
No description available.

De la science comme métaphore : regard sur le glissement de sens et sur la répétition dans l'objet du livre

Breton Roy, Ève January 2007 (has links) (PDF)
Cette recherche-création porte à la fois sur la répétition comme méthode artistique permettant d'amener un glissement de sens; sur la science comme possible métaphore artistique et sur le livre comme objet transmetteur. Le point de départ de cette recherche concerne une insatisfaction profonde face au concept de définition. C'est l'absence dans la définition du sujet sensible, du sujet en rapport avec son environnement qui a motivé l'envie de le réintégrer, de lui redonner le pouvoir de définir, à sa manière. Six installations livresques, présentées à la galerie Espace Virtuel, sont le résultat de ces diverses expérimentations et explorations. Elles sont issues à la fois du champ de la science et du sensible cherchant à amener une réflexion philosophique. Le contenu de ce mémoire synthétise les diverses expérimentations réalisées à travers ce projet de recherche et est divisé en trois chapitres. Le premier chapitre de cet essai se consacre à introduire au lecteur la forme livresque en regard des différentes qualités formelles de son objet. Il y est également question du malaise qui m'occupe face au concept de définition et du glissement de sens comme possible stratégie de déplacement vers le sensible. Le second chapitre, quant à lui, aborde la notion de répétition comme méthodologie de travail. Y sont exposés le processus de répétition mécanique et de répétition inter-champs ainsi que la relation interne les unissant. Dans le troisième et dernier chapitre, il est question de la méthode scientifique et de son influence sur le concept final d'exposition. Sont également analysées les différentes oeuvres présentées dans cette dernière partie et la manière dont l'approche scientifique me permet d'effectuer un renvoi entre les différents champs de la connaissance. Je propose ainsi une recherche-création qui tente d'inclure le sensible à la définition de concepts en passant par la répétition mécanique et inter-champs, cette dernière permettant de glisser d'un champ de la connaissance à l'autre.

A Semiotic Phenomenology of Homelessness and the Precarious Community| A Matter of Boundary

Curry, Heather R. 03 October 2015 (has links)
<p> My dissertation focuses on the articulation of the concepts of precarity&mdash;i.e., temporary, affective, creative, immaterial and insecure labor&mdash;and community in an overheating system. My site of inquiry is homelessness broadly, but more specifically the labor of panhandling and the identity of &ldquo;the panhandler.&rdquo; I recognize that primary theorizations of precarity have located it as a problem of labor and economy. Others have looked at it from the sociological domain. My work looks at precarity as diffuse across social, political, and communal systems, but primarily as an effect of the problem of overheating as it manifests at varying levels of scale. Narrowing the global vision of such instability and insecurity to a local landscape&mdash;to streets, corners, traffic, the people who occupy infrastructural liminal zones and whose lives are precariously bound to the forces of speed and heat&mdash;reveals the critical nature of elemental metaphors. That is to say, if we might accept the thesis that we are in an epoch in which speed and time subsumes space and place, and if speed is another way of talking about heat, about intensities, then communication in the over-sped, overheated system is in dire straights. Precarity, I argue, is not causally linked to the breakdown in economy or the breakdown in affiliative bonds or networks&mdash;it does not precede or presage these shutdowns. Rather it <i>is</i> the shutdown. Precarity may now be viewed as the management and organization of social, political, affective, and communal bonds around economic and affiliative insecurities. I use ethnographic data from institutional meetings, and conversations with the key stakeholders at varying levels of scale, as well as textual analyses of local policies, news coverage, and public responses to those texts in order to understand how precarious communicative conditions affect the structuration of community and politics.</p>

College Football Coaches and Social Media| A Qualitative Content Analysis of SEC Football Program Facebook Fan Pages

Limbach, Christopher M. 27 August 2015 (has links)
<p> College football has become an enormous aspect of American culture. The effects have permeated into the growing realm of social media, particularly Facebook. College football budgets and the salaries of the head coaches are higher than ever before, and they are only getting larger. Further research is necessary to study how public relations practitioners in college athletic departments can understand the link between social media and college football coaches. This study qualitatively analyzes the Facebook pages of the most dominant college football conference, the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The study analyzes if Facebook fans for each SEC football program view the head coaches as heroes, as well as gauge the scope and existence of Facebook fan comments that favorably or unfavorably reference the head coach. A qualitative content analysis of SEC football Facebook fan comments during the peak competition month of November answers these questions. This study shows that certain fans in the SEC, do indeed, view their head coach as a hero. The study also demonstrates the themes, particularly fan revolt against a losing head coach and the importance of rivalry games as it relates to positive and negative fan comments about the SEC head coaches. The effect of this study on the field of public relations is also discussed.</p>

The Ice Bucket Challenge and Its Name Calling Strategy through Social Media| A Descriptive Statistical Analysis

Mahoney, Jessica 02 September 2015 (has links)
<p> Social networking sites are expanding the horizons of awareness campaigns by creating avenues for mass diffusion. The Ice Bucket Challenge, an ALS awareness campaign, diffused globally on social media platforms. The purpose of this research is to investigate the public perception of the Ice Bucket Challenge and its name calling strategy. The name calling strategy identified individuals by name and publicly nominated them on social media to participate in the campaign. This study investigates psychological reactance in the unique context of an interactive social media-based campaign. It seems that the name calling strategy was not perceived as a threat to freedom because it was communicated through close personal relationships on social networking sites. While the name calling strategy seems to have been a powerful propellant for diffusing the Ice Bucket Challenge, it also had an excluding effect. Nearly half of those did not participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge (46.1%) reported that they would have participated if they had been nominated.</p>

Intercultural Interaction of Russian-American Space Crews

Kiesel, Suzan 01 May 2001 (has links)
NASA has recently directed the United States into the largest global partnership in U.S. history — the development of an International Space Station. In order to collaborate successfully in this unique setting, participants must develop a strong sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and partnership. Previous research indicates a variety of factors, such as differences in cultural background and environmental factors, that may affect the ability to develop these successful relationships. This study analyzes cultural variance and disclosure dynamics between Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts.

Confessions of Journalism's Old Gray Lady: Deceptive Reporting at the New York Times

Lux, Jace 01 May 2005 (has links)
In May of 2003 one of the most respected periodicals on the planet, The New York Times, ran a front page 14,000 word apology in the Sunday Times, for fallacious reporting conducted by Jayson Blair. In his four year tenure at the Times, Blair falsified sources, lied about conducting interviews, and erroneously reported on important details of some of the nation's top stories. After a widespread investigation into Blair's stories by other Times reporters, journalism's old grey lady was forced to face the public and provide them with answers, an explanation, and an apology for this breach of trust. This study uses the work of William Benoit and Susan Brinson as a framework to analyze the Times' image restoration strategies employed in its apology. This paper will add to the tremendous amount of image restoration literature as well as demonstrate the need for more research of this kind focused on the print media industry. This study finds that The New York Timesl May 11, 2003 apology did adhere to the image restoration strategies offered by William Benoit and Susan Brinson. The study also proves that, since stock prices and subscription rates for the publication were virtually unaffected following the apology, the Times' response was effective at restoring the public's trust following this transgression.

An Intraorganizational Study of Communication Effectiveness at United Way of America: How Effective is United Way of America National Corporate Leadership Staff at Communicating to Local United Way Campaign Professionals?

Nilles, Tracy 01 April 1996 (has links)
The researcher examines communication effectiveness within the National Corporate Leadership program, which is a service provided by United Way of America. The UWA NCL program is designed to work with local United Ways to increase contributions at their locales. I attempted to determine whether or not the UWA NCL staff respond to telephone calls promptly, are helpful when contacted, and provide adequate levels of communication to local campaign professionals, and are perceived as beneficial. Local United Ways are classified by metro size (IXI) based on amount of funds raised and are grouped geographically into five regions of the country. For this study, only those local United Ways that raised more than $2 million were selected. Literature from previous research of United Way and other philanthropic organizations and research on gender and proximity are reviewed. One hundred and twenty-five local United Way campaign professionals were contacted through telephone interviews. The data were compiled and analyzed to determine whether proximity, region, size of the local organization, and gender, age, and tenure of the campaign professional affected respondents' satisfaction with UWA NCL services. Distance and region of the country were found to be irrelevant to the four dependent measures of communication effectiveness - promptness, helpfulness, level of communication, and benefit to the local organization. While correlations between size of the organization and communication effectiveness were low, there were significant differences between two of the five metro sizes on measures of helpfulness and level of communication. There were no significant differences in means on the dependent measures associated with gender, age, or the number of years the respondents had worked in the United Way system. Future research topics are suggested.

The Effect of Microenvironmental Space on Communication and Job Satisfaction in an Office Environment: A Systematic Enquiry

Bulusu, Aparan 01 April 1995 (has links)
A total of 69 employees in various job positions working in cubicles in an open-office space plan, of a large organization, completed a questionnaire investigating the impact of microenvironmental space on communication and job satisfaction. Data was analyzed using quantitative research methods. The results showed that a distinct lack of conversational privacy existed in this office. Also, when the level of noise decreased, the perceived level of privacy and job satisfaction increased. Excessive interaction, distraction, and communication with colleagues resulted in decreased level of communication privacy and job Satisfaction. In conclusion, the results of this study suggested two options for the decreased communication and job satisfaction: converting some space in the midst of all the cubicles into a gathering room to solve the problems such as lack of conversational privacy, distractions, and colleagues dropping in for a chat, or telecommuting. The researcher designed a model depicting communication as the threading tool for various components of microenvironmental space leading to job satisfaction. Several areas for future research in microenvironmental space are briefly discussed.

Core Communication Skills Requirements Manufacturing Plants in Kentucky

Cosby, Dana 01 November 1994 (has links)
The purpose of this reseach project is to answer the question "What are the core communication skills needed for pre-hire training programs in Kentucky." To answer the question the researcher first examined the literature relative to the existing labor pool and then conducted a focus group with unemployed persons. The next phase of the research involved extensive field work, job analysis, and content analysis to determine what core communication skills were common in various Kentucky manufacturing companies. The researcher found strong evidence to establish a core set of competencies that pre-hire programs should address in developing the skills of unemployed persons. Additionally, the study includes a sample curriculum for pre-hire training programs.

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