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The management of flue gas desulphurization waste in Hong Kong

Woo, Pak-wai, Jimmy., 胡百偉. January 1995 (has links)
published_or_final_version / Environmental Management / Master / Master of Science in Environmental Management

Effective controls for engineering oriented construction project: a case study of Black Point Power StationProject

Yiu, Hor-pui., 姚可培. January 1996 (has links)
published_or_final_version / Real Estate and Construction / Master / Master of Science in Construction Project Management

The planning of the Castle Peak 'B' power station project

Lam, Wan-chung, Jimmy., 林允中. January 1983 (has links)
published_or_final_version / Business Administration / Master / Master of Business Administration

Electrical transient interaction between transformers and the power system: case study of an onshore wind farm

Banda, Cedric Amittai January 2016 (has links)
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of the Witwatersrand, in fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering June 2016 / Through the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP) the South African government has awarded opportunities for growth of renewable energy through bidding rounds. Round 1 saw a total capacity of 397 MW being awarded to independent power producers (IPP). Subsequently Rounds 2, 3 and 4 each had a total capacity of 333 MW auctioned. The advent of renewables on the market has brought upon its own associated problems with regards to power quality issues and failure of HV equipment. This thesis will address transformer failures that occurred at an onshore wind farm. The nature of the transformer failures suggest transient overvoltages are mainly to blame. A comparison between transformer failures in South African and Brazil suggest a common failure mechanism. The failure starts with an inter-turn insulation failure which propagates to an inter-layer insulation. In worst cases the failure mode results in a puncture through the LV-HV barrier and punctures through the LV winding. An extensive literature review was performed to find appropriate methods to predict and explain the failure mode in wind turbine LV-MV step-up transformers. Of the different models which were reviewed the most notable was the Multi-conductor Transmission Line (MTL) model which was chosen as the preferred model due to its ability to predict the inter-turn/inter-layer voltage stresses. Verification of the developed MTL model by the author was then compared to published results of an MTL model of a disc winding transformer. The results of the comparison revealed a relatively good agreement between the developed model and the published model. The application of the MTL model to represent the voltage stresses in transformer windings was then extended to two specially constructed wind turbine step-up transformer prototypes. The prototypes differed in the winding arrangement of the MV coil. The other used two separate MV coils separated by an oil gap whereas the other had a single MV coil. To validate the model accuracy, a comparison of measured results versus those obtained analytically was done for the two prototypes. The analytical and measured results also had a relatively good agreement for the two prototypes considered. Measurement of switching surges was done on-site at the wind farm to understand the nature of the transients. Using analysis tools such as FFT and frequency domain severity factor it was possible to understand the impact the nature of these transients would pose on the transformer insulation. Different mitigation techniques which can be used to alleviate the transient overvoltages to within safe levels were investigated. The most notable protection device considered was the RL choke device which offered a significant reduction of the pre-strikes and is virtually transparent under power frequency operation. / MT2017

Industrial electric load modeling.

Manichaikul, Yongyut January 1978 (has links)
Thesis. 1978. Ph.D.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. / MICROFICHE COPY AVAILABLE IN ARCHIVES AND ENGINEERING. / Includes bibliographical references. / Ph.D.

Load following operation of a pressurized water nuclear power plant/

Andrade, Gilberto Gomes January 1978 (has links)
Thesis. 1978. Nucl.E.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering. / MICROFICHE COPY AVAILABLE IN ARCHIVES AND SCIENCE. / Includes bibliographical references. / by Gilberto Gomes De Andrade. / Nucl.E.

Sustainability of electricity generation using Australian fossil fuels

May, John R. (John Robert), 1978- January 2003 (has links)
Abstract not available

Collector current density and dust collection in wire-plate electrostatic precipitators

Yuen, Albert Wai Ling, Materials Science & Engineering, Faculty of Science, UNSW January 2006 (has links)
Even minimal improvements in particle collection efficiency of electrostatic precipitators significantly reduce dust emission from fossil-fuelled power stations and reduce pollution. Yet current designs rely on the Deutsch collection theory, which was developed for tubular precipitators and has been applied to wire-plate precipitators on the assumption that the inter-electrode electric fields at the same discharge distance in both were similar. Differences in geometry and associated collector electric fields and current density non-uniformity have not been taken into account, although the collector electric field and current density of the wire-plate precipitator are not uniform. And observations show that precipitated dust patterns and the distribution of collector current density are interrelated. Investigations revealed a simple square law relationship between the collector electric field and the collector current density in the space charge dominated coronas. Applying this relationship to the Deutsch collection theory led to a current-density-based collection formula that takes into account the non-uniform collector current density distribution. The current-density-based collection formula is then used to assess the impact of collector current density on collection efficiency, the results closely following published measurements. Applying the current-density-based collection formula to estimate the dust accumulation shows that most of the dust accumulates at collector locations facing the corona wires. The effect of the non-uniform precipitated dust layer on collection performance is assessed using the distributed corona impedance - the ratio of the inter-electrode voltage and the non-uniform collector current. Re-distribution of the collector current profile as dust builds up is also compatible with published measurements. Finally this is applied to optimize the wire-plate precipitator collection performance. This shows that optimal collection performance is obtained with the wire-wire spacing less than the wire-plate distance, once again confirming published experimental results. This is the first analytical approach to show better collection performance can be achieved at the ratio of wire-wire spacing/wire-plate distance not equal to unity, which has been the standard industry practice since 1960.

Electric power system production costing and reliability analysis including hydroelectric, storage, and time dependent power plants

Finger, Susan 02 1900 (has links)
Prepared for the U.S. Dept. of Energy under Contract no. EX-76-A-01-2295, Task order 37.

Peat as a fuel at the proposed Central Maine Power Company 600 mw plant

Jones, William J. 12 1900 (has links)
No description available.

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