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Bone healing measurement using acoustic resonances

Nadav, O. January 1982 (has links)
No description available.

The calcification and resorption of fracture callus cartilage and woven bone

Dickson, G. R. January 1982 (has links)
No description available.

The biological activity of fracture non-unions

Reed, Anita A. C. January 2001 (has links)
No description available.

The role of Pax6 in corneal development and maintenance

Dorà, Natalie January 2009 (has links)
<i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> mice were shown to express about 150% of wild-type Pax6 levels of corneal epithelial Pax6 and displayed abnormally small corneas due to a failure of postnatal growth and development of the cornea.  The proliferative component of the corneal epithelium was normal, cell cycle progression appears unaffected and there are no abnormal apoptotic events.  Cytokeratin-12 expression was down regulated in the <i>PAX77<sup>+ </sup></i>corneal epithelia, implying differentiation is incomplete, and the corneas of <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> were found to display increased fragility in comparison to wild-types. <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> corneas displayed sever wound healing abnormalities which in contrast to Pax6<sup>+/- </sup>can not be rescued by EGF addition.  Both <i>Pax6<sup>+/-</sup></i> and <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup> </i>corneal epithelia show no improvement in wound healing with addition of Shh peptide or all-trans retinoic acid (in contrast to wild-type), however in the <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup> </i>wound healing abnormalities do not lead to corneal opacity which is seen in <i>Pax6<sup>+/-</sup></i>.  Both <i>Pax6<sup>+/-</sup></i> and <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i>corneal epithelia have increased basal levels of retinoic acid signalling in their corneal epithelium when compared to wild-type littermates.  Topical application of Shh increased RA signalling in the corneal epithelium. As described above a severe reduction in corneal size was observed in the <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> mouse: defective lens signalling as a result of Pax6 dosage was postulated to lead to this.  The lens is highly sensitive to Pax6 dosage.  Mouse/chick secondary chimeras were produced, through the grafting of <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> and wild-type mouse lenses into a chicken eye, to investigate the role of altered Pax6 dosage in the lens on anterior eye development.  <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> mouse/chick secondary chimeras, remarkably recapitulated the anterior eye phenotype seen in <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> mice. This supports the role of altered Pax6 dosage in the lens resulting in the corneal abnormalities of the <i>PAX77<sup>+</sup></i> model.

The power within illness : uncovering the essence of transformation through the experience of illness

Spencer-Benson, Frances Marylou 27 April 2017 (has links)
Research in the field of mind/body/spirit/mental connection is extensive. However very few studies have focused on the persons who have survived a life-threatening critical illness and the way in which they redefine beliefs, values and their world view. Recognition of the transformation that occurs following such a crisis is an important contribution toward understanding all facets of the connectedness that exists between our mind, our body, our spirit, our mental/’emotional state and healing. This study will consider the question “What kind of transformation occurs for some who experience critical Illness?” Transformation means starting with one thing and ending up with another. This study reveals the inner world of eight participants (co-searchers) who experienced a medical crisis and found their inner world transformed. A clear view of the road taken by the participants is elucidated following a heuristic path requiring the researcher to interview to the point of saturation. The criterion for a heuristic study has been met. Relevant literature pertaining to the changing worldview of professionals working within the area of wellness from Grecian times to the present is considered. Some qualitative methods available to researchers are explored. This study can contribute to modification and/or expansion of existing health care programs to include the person in the situation. Credible evidence is presented to support the importance of acknowledging the positive aspects within illnesses that can be offered within a variety of health related disciplines: psychology, counseling, nursing, and religious studies, social work and health care providers. The nature of heuristic research is to merge the participants and the investigator. The co-searchers and the investigator reveal their understanding of those things that existed only in an innate dimension prior to illness. As a result of their experience, the researcher and the co-searchers present a rich plethora of changed perspectives they identify as transformative revealing the power illness offers us to reevaluate our personal actions impacting those around us as our worldview expands. This study is not meant to query who lives and who dies, for death ultimately claims us all. / Graduate

Directed migration, re-orientation and inhibited proliferation of lens epithelial cells in applied electric fields

Wang, Entong January 2001 (has links)
Physiological electric fields (EFs) exist in the vertebrate lens, but the importance of the endogenous EF is not well understood yet. In the present study, an applied EF to mimic endogenous EFs was applied to cultured lens epithelial cells (LECs) to investigate the effects of EFs on the behaviours of LECs and the underlying mechanisms. It was showed that LEG migration was directed and migration rate was increased in applied EFs, and serum or growth factors were required for these EF-induced cell responses. LECs elongated and re-oriented to lie perpendicular to field vector. Healing of LEG monolayer wounds was also influenced by EF polarity. EF exposure enhanced the activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) &frac12; and induced an asymmetric distribution of active ERK &frac12; in monolayer wounds. Mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase inhibitor U0126 inhibited the directed migration and reorientation of LECs in EFs and the healing of LEG monolayer wound, and U0126 also completely prevented activation of ERK &frac12; in LECs. It is suggested that MAP kinase signaling pathways were involved in the responses of LECs to EF stimulation. EF exposure also inhibited the proliferation of the LECs. Cell cycle analysis showed that EF exposure inhibited the Gl/S transition of the cell cycle progression in LECs, resulting in a Gl-block. The EF-induced down-regulated expression of Gl-specific cell cycle protein cyclin E and the up-regulated expression of cyclin-Cdk (cycle dependent kinase) complex inhibitor p27 kipl were accounted for the cell cycle arrest of LECs in EFs. This study implies that a physiological EF may be one of the guidance cues regulating LEG behaviours in vivo and applying EFs may be one way of controlling aberrant LEG behaviours in vitro and in vivo.

Topical nanomedicine for the combination delivery of immuno-modulatory peptides for accelerated chronic wound healing and anti-bacterial activity

Fumakia, Miral 12 April 2016 (has links)
Wound treatment remains one of the most prevalent and economically burdensome healthcare concerns, often complicated by prolonged inflammation and bacterial infection, contributing to morbidity and mortality. Agents commonly used to treat chronic wound infections are limited due to their toxicity, multifactorial etiology of chronic wounds, deep skin infections, lack of sustained controlled delivery of drugs, and development of drug resistance. LL37 is an endogenous host defense peptide that has been shown to exhibit antimicrobial activity and is involved in the modulation of wound healing. Serpin A1 (A1) is a neutrophil elastase inhibitor and has been shown to demonstrate wound-healing property. Hence, our goal was to develop a topical combination nanomedicine for the controlled sustained delivery of LL37 and A1 that at precise combination ratios will significantly promote wound closure, reduce bacterial contamination, and enhance anti-inflammatory activity. We have successfully developed a solid lipid nanoparticle (SLN) formulation that can simultaneously deliver LL37 and A1 at specific ratios resulting in accelerated wound healing by promoting wound closure in BJ fibroblast cells and keratinocytes as well as synergistic enhancement of antibacterial activity against S. aureus and E. coli in comparison to LL37 or A1 alone. / May 2016

Mechanism of epithelialization of wounds in rabbits

Viziam, Chetty January 1965 (has links)
Thesis (M.A.)--Boston University / PLEASE NOTE: Boston University Libraries did not receive an Authorization To Manage form for this thesis or dissertation. It is therefore not openly accessible, though it may be available by request. If you are the author or principal advisor of this work and would like to request open access for it, please contact us at open-help@bu.edu. Thank you. / 2031-01-01

Neoshamanism and the shadow : 'the soul's journey'

Boyle, Robert E., University of Western Sydney, College of Arts, School of Education January 2007 (has links)
This research investigates the shadow aspects of neoshamanic practice heuristically and phenomenologically using experiential workshops, image work and interviews. Neoshamanism, which is growing in popularity throughout Australia and the West, involves intentionally entering into Shamanic States of Consciousness (SSC) for the purposes of psycho-spiritual healing. According to neoshamans these SSC experiences are available to all. The research asks how neoshamanic practitioners understand their journeys into SSC, what the areas of commonality and difference between neoshamanic practitioners' experiences of SSC are, how image making in a workshop setting assists in revealing shadow manifestations, and what lasting effect shadow work and neoshamanic practice has in the practitioners lives? The study explores the lived experiences of seven participants – myself included – who engaged in a series of three experiential weekend workshops using neoshamanic practices and expressive arts. It consists of three main processes: the workshops, a series of semi-structured interviews over nine months with each participant, and individual journals used to record participant thoughts, feelings and images. The research is situated within the participants’ and researcher’s lives, rather than on the periphery. The participants' journeys suggest that the SSC is an accessible and consistent phenomenon and is remarkably safe if approached within a positive environment. It is not a panacea for negativity nor a balm for shadow feelings of unworthiness; indeed the shadow work proved to be uncomfortable and disquieting for the ego. Neoshamanic practice is perhaps best understood as the soul's journey, providing a platform for soul recovery and living a life of authenticity. / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Development of a Novel Measure of Three-dimensional Bone Connectivity in a Mouse Tibia Fracture Model: Characterizing Torsional Strength and Stiffness Through Failure Surface Analysis

Wright, David 04 January 2012 (has links)
The high incidence of long bone fractures and appreciable rate of delayed and non-union (5-10%) necessitates the development of non-invasive tools to monitor healing progression. The objective of this study was to develop a novel µCT-based measure of three-dimensional bone connectivity and to compare its ability to assess fracture callus mechanical stability to previously described measures. Bone connectivity parameters local to the failure surface were found to significantly correlate with mechanical stability, and proved superior to previously developed measures of torsional rigidity. Visualization of the failure surfaces demonstrated a consistent failure pattern indicative of the applied torsional loading, however the locations of the failure surfaces showed varying levels of fracture callus involvement. The results of this proof of concept work indicate the potential utility of bone connectivity analysis in non-invasive assessment of fracture callus stability.

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