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Turkish Spatial Planning Practice In The Neoliberal Era: Over-fragmentation

Duyguluer, Feridun Mehmet 01 September 2012 (has links) (PDF)
After 1950, Turkey had adopted comprehensive urban planning methodologies within the competence of a unique central authority. By 1980s, localization policies were introduced and local administrations had been authorized for planning issues. But this political turn could not continue effectively, because of dispersed sectoral policies have gained the leading role in decision making, creating the fragmentation problem. Administrative competences in different central bodies, especially in the sectoral ministries, have weakened the local decision mechanisms. This thesis will try to present a critical analysis of the aforementioned process aiming to provide the pros and cons of the multiple planning policies.

Unfair Usage Of Trademarks Via Internet

Kirci, Niyazi Berkay 01 November 2008 (has links) (PDF)
One of the aims of thesis is to examine and describe current trademark law in Turkey and point out the fact that an excessive trademark protection is being implemented and that this kind of a protection does not automatically bring wealth to Turkey. Main aim of this thesis is to point out the fact that new circumstances of unfair usage of trademarks occured with the introduction of the internet and that important problems between the trademark law, which is of national character, and the internet, which does not have any limits arised in settlement of disputes. Another aim is to point out that, currently, there is no agreed legal text regulating in detail the circumstances of unfair use of mark via Internet both at international and national levels. In this context, basic concepts of current trademark law, birth and development of information and communications technologies and in this respect, the Internet, effect of Internet to current social structure and changes caused therein, national and international steps taken in this context, the question whether unfair usage of trademarks could be examined within current legal framework, problems arising from the differences between Internet and Trademark Law also discussed.

Transformational And Transactional Leadership Characteristics Of Intercollegiate Athletes And Non-athletes

Akar, Aytug 01 June 2010 (has links) (PDF)
ABSTRACT TRANSFORMATIONAL AND TRANSACTIONAL LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTICS OF INTERCOLLAGIATE ATHLETES AND NON-ATHLETES M.S.Physical Education and Sports Supervisor: Assoc.Prof.Dr.Settar KO&Ccedil / AK June 2010, 64 Pages The main purpose of this study was to examine the transformational and transactional leadership characteristics of intercollegiate athletes and non athletes. The second purpose was to compare transformational and transactional leadership characteristics in athletes and non-athletes. In this study, 152 subjects were selected from seven different universities. Data was collected through Turkish version of Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) - Leader Form (Form 5X-Short). Quantitative statistical analyses using SPSS confirmed the study&#039 / s first and second hypothesis through and independent samples t-test that the intercollegiate athletes scored statistically higher on the MLQ (Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire) 5X-Short than the non-athlete university students. MLQ 5X-Short scores were subjected to t-test using the athlete2s gender, sport activity, team membership, weekly exercise days, exercise in yearly based time. The test variables were transformational and transactional leadership behaviors and subscales of them, the grouping variables were intercollegiate athletes and non-athletes. Two out of three Leadership behaviors were statistically significant when comparing intercollegiate athletes and non athletes.

Data Protection And Intellectual Property In The Eu And Turkey

Toguz, Ozlem 01 June 2010 (has links) (PDF)
This research had two main purposes. Firstly it aimed at showing the regulatory framework of both data protection and intellectual property in the European Union and thus making the privacy complications of Digital Rights Managements systems clear in the developed world. This research also aimed at disclosing the complications of employment of DRMs systems in developing countries. To that end Turkey&rsquo / s copyright framework has been reviewed. It was found out that DRMs systems employed in Turkey went beyond the scope of Turkish Copyright Legislation and restricted also legitimate acts which fall within the scope of fair use. DRMs also have hindered development since it restricted availability of educational and cultural works. The review of Turkey&rsquo / s Data Protection regime disclosed that the most important reason behind the non adoption of the draft law was related to the legislators&rsquo / confusion of first pillar and third pillar data protection. It was concluded that Turkey lacked a data protection policy and the lack of such a policy led to the surveillance of the people to such a degree that almost no private space is left for them. The main finding of the research was that Turkey has been one of the best markets for the employment of DRMs with its current copyright regime and lack of data protection rules. The research concluded with proposals of action concerning data protection and DRMs.

Free Movement Of Turkish Workers In The Context Of Turkey

Duzenli, Esra 01 October 2010 (has links) (PDF)
Within the broader scope of free movement of persons, free movement of workers is one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the European Union (EU) law. It is one of most significant rights that are granted to the Union citizens and will be enjoyed by Turkish nationals after Turkey&rsquo / s accession the Union. In this regard, this study examines the free movement of Turkish workers in the EU within the framework of Turkey&rsquo / s EU accession process and two recent EU enlargements since 2004. Along with the legal scope of free movement of workers, transitional arrangements applied in two recent enlargements are analyzed as it could provide some foresights about such freedom with respect to Turkey&rsquo / s EU membership.

Political And Legal Documents For Ensuring Sustainable Urban Transportation

Yilmaz, Begum 01 September 2011 (has links) (PDF)
Principle of sustainability, as in all areas, is becoming a major issue in urban transportation planning all around the world. Urban transportation political and legal documents are statutory basis of urban transportation plans and projects and developed countries have established urban transportation political and legal documents to ensure that local governments implement plans and projects in line with the sustainability principle. In this thesis, it is intended to analyze the sufficiency of central government&rsquo / s political and legal documents on urban transportation in Turkey in realizing the sustainability of urban transportation plans and projects. For this aim, political and main legal documents of sustainable urban transportation in United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK), which is accepted as one of the leaders in the world about sustainable transportation, are analyzed. Based on this analysis a checklist has been produced, highlighting headings for sustainable urban transportation that should be present in a country&rsquo / s political and legal documents in order to guide and perhaps enforce local governments. Then this checklist has been applied to Turkey to determine strengths and weaknesses of political documents and legislations in Turkey with regards to sustainable urban transportation. A comparative analysis has also been carried out with Turkey, USA and UK under three main headings which are policy documents / guidance papers for local governments, acts and laws / and nation-wide studies. As a result, strengths and weaknesses about political and legal basis of sustainable urban transportation in Turkey have been illustrated and recommendations were made for Turkey to adopt guidance papers and legislations.

Counting And Constructing Boolean Functions With Particular Difference Distribution Vectors

Yildirim, Elif 01 June 2004 (has links) (PDF)
In this thesis we deal with the Boolean functions with particular difference distribution vectors. Besides the main properties, we especially focus on strict avalanche criterion for cryptographic aspects. Not only we deal with known methods we also demonstrate some new methods for counting and constructing such functions. Furthermore, performing some statistical tests, we observed a number of interesting properties.

Political Economy Of Labour Law In Turkey: Work Employment And International Division Of Labour

Ozdemir, Ali Murat 01 December 2004 (has links) (PDF)
This thesis aims to evaluate the Turkish Labour Law on the basis of a new approach to legal studies that follow the internal tendency of legal science to resolve its own problem, which is that of convincingly defining the point of contact between norm and fact (form and content), materially connecting the juridical organisation of power with the social structuring of power, while avoiding both formalist and positivist deviations. Against this background, the thesis aims to assess the correlation between the recent changes in the international division of labour and the structural forms, on the axis of which the Turkish legal system functions. This endeavour includes an attempt to view law in its location as a component to a general and persistent process of social regulation that secures general patterns of social domination. This study argues that the role of the collective labour law over the stabilisation of wage relations is increasingly deteriorated by the changing nature of the state and of work, including the new institutionality and the increasing influence of business over labour politics. After the &lsquo / discovery&rsquo / of the importance of the universal principle of the freedom of contract in labour law, the regulatory powers of individual labour law have extended to the realm of capital-labour relations having an impact over the social division of labour and have acquired a relative dominance.

Simulation Of Depleted Gas Reservoir For Underground Gas Storage

Ozturk, Bulent 01 December 2004 (has links) (PDF)
For a natural gas importing country, &ldquo / take or pay&rdquo / approach creates problems since the demand for natural gas varies during the year and the excess amount of natural gas should be stored. In this study, an underground gas storage project is evaluated in a depleted gas Field M. After gathering all necessary reservoir, fluid, production and pressure data, the data were adapted to computer language, which was used in a commercial simulator software (IMEX) that is the CMG&rsquo / s (Computer Modelling Group) new generation adoptive simulator, to reach the history matching. The history matching which consists of the 4 year of production of the gas reservoir is the first step of this study. The simulation program was able to accomplish a good history match with the given parameters of the reservoir. Using the history match as a base, five different scenarios were created and forecast the injection and withdrawal performance of the reservoir. These scenarios includes 5 newly drilled horizontal wells which were used in combinations with the existing wells. With a predetermined injection rate of 13 MMcf/D was set for all the wells and among the 5 scenarios, 5 horizontal &ndash / 6 vertical injectors &amp / 5 horizontal - 6 vertical producers is the most successful in handling the gas inventory and the time it takes for a gas injection and production period. After the determination of the well configuration, the optimum injection rate for the entire field was obtained and found to be 130 MMcf/D by running different injection rates for all wells and then for only horizontal wells different injection rates were applied with a constant injection rate of 130 MMcf/d for vertical wells. Then it has been found that it is better to apply the 5th scenario which includes 5 horizontal &ndash / 6 vertical injectors &amp / 5 horizontal - 6 vertical producers having an injection rate of 130 MMcf/d for horizontal and vertical wells. Since within the 5th scenario, changing the injection rate to 1.3 Bcf/d and 13 Bcf/d, did not effect and change the average reservoir pressure significantly, it is best to carry out the project with the optimum injection rate which is 130 MMcf/d. The total gas produced untill 2012 is 394 BCF and the gas injected is 340 BCF where the maximum average reservoir pressure was recovered and set into a new value of 1881 psi by injection and cushion gas pressure as 1371 psi by withdrawal. If 5th scenario is compared with the others, there is an increase in injection and production performance about 90%.

Legal Framework Comparison Of Public Procurement Law With State Procurement Law

Yuksek, Murat 01 January 2005 (has links) (PDF)
This thesis makes the comparison of legal frameworks of the two Procurement Laws, the New Public Procurement Law (4734) and the Ex-State Procurement Law (2886) respectively. As a result of this comparison, it is seen that a lot of provisions starting from tender notice time limits to the awarding of contracts, have been changed substantially by the introduction of Turkish Public Procurement Law. Besides this comparison, the related procurement directive on construction works in European Community, namely EEC 93/37 is analyzed through the topics pertinent to the New Public Procurement Law, from which it is observed that there are both similar and different application regarding tender process in this directive when compared with the provisions of Turkish Public Procurement Law on construction works. This thesis study also aims to put forward the conception of Turkish contractors about the New Public Procurement Law by means of a questionnaire containing 15 questions. From the results of questionnaire, it is seen that majority of the contracting companies have a positive attitude towards the New Public Procurement Law although some provisions of the Law do not meet the expectations of the companies.

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