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Low cost fault detection system for railcars and tracks

Vengalathur, Sriram T. 30 September 2004 (has links)
A "low cost fault detection system" that identifies wheel flats and defective tracks is explored here. This is achieved with the conjunction of sensors, microcontrollers and Radio Frequency (RF) transceivers. The objective of the proposed research is to identify faults plaguing railcars and to be able to clearly distinguish the faults of a railcar from the inherent faults in the track. The focus of the research though, is mainly to identify wheel flats and defective tracks. The thesis has been written with the premise that the results from the simulation software GENSYS are close to the real time data that would have been obtained from an actual railcar. Based on the results of GENSYS, a suitable algorithm is written that helps segregate a fault in a railcar from a defect in a track. The above code is implemented using hardware including microcontrollers, accelerometers, RF transceivers and a real time monitor. An enclosure houses the system completely, so that it is ready for application in a real environment. This also involves selection of suitable hardware so that there is a uniform source of power supply that reduces the cost and assists in building a robust system.

Confronting black low cost housing delivery in the Western Cape Metropolitan Area : a critical appraisal

Evans, Paul Desmond January 1996 (has links)
Bibliography: pages 333-338. / This thesis presents a critical evaluation of the current responses being made by the new Government of National Unity towards solving the low cost housing and community development crisis. This crisis is largely confined to the black low-income residential areas and is manifest in a shortage of adequate formal accommodation, municipal infrastructure and public facilities. Moreover, these areas are also characterised by poverty, poor living conditions, environmental degradation and the socio-economic deprivation of the households living within them. The Reconstruction and Development Programme and the National Housing Policy have recently been introduced by the new Government in response to this problem. The purpose of this study is to examine the degree to which these policies represent an effective long-term solution to this crisis and whether they are an appropriate means through which low-income households can obtain the type of housing-they both need and can realistically afford. Emphasis is placed upon a critical evaluation of the National Housing Policy and the Cape Metropolitan Region is used as a study area. A household survey was carried out in the black low-income residential areas of this region in an effort to determine the actual housing and development needs, perceptions, socio economic characteristics and locational preferences of these communities. The results of the survey are presented along with an analysis of the origins, nature and magnitude of the housing crisis in the Cape Metropolitan Area.

Marketingové aktivity nízkonákladových leteckých společností / Low-cost airlines´ marketing activities

Daniš, Michal January 2009 (has links)
Theoretical part of thesis considers basic information about aviation industry in Czech republic, classification of air transport and airline companies. This part also describes specifics of airline marketing, especially low-cost airline marketing. The thesis follows on with a practical part. There is introduced SmartWings brand and judged marketing activities together with marketing mix. The target of the thesis is to reveal shortcomings in SmartWings marketing activities and to find their solutions.

The provision of affordable housing in Central Sudan

Pasha, A. H. S. January 1984 (has links)
No description available.

"Low-cost" automobily - hrozba nebo příležitost pro Evropu?

Ekslerová, Vladěna January 2008 (has links)
Diplomová práce se zabývá fenoménem low-cost automobilů (do 8 000 ?) a jejich perspektivě pro evropský trh: do jaké míry je evropský trh pro prodej low-cost automobilů (LCA) perspektivní? Jak by měl LCA pro evropský trh vypadat? Jaké jsou klíčové faktory úspěchu? První část pojednává o LCA obecně (vývoj, výroba, ziskovost), druhá část se věnuje jejich přítomnosti globálně, třetí část je strategickou analýzou evropského automobilového trhu z pohledu výrobce LCA.

Babykick: development of a wearable system for detecting fetal movements during pregnancy

Vefaghnematollahi, Shayesteh 05 January 2021 (has links)
Decreased fetal movement can indicate uncommon complication of labor; in response, we have developed a non-invasive, wearable monitoring tool to objectively assess fetal movement called the Babykick device. The novelty of this device is that it moves away from a traditional subjective assessment of fetal movement to an objective, quantitative measurement that remains low-cost. The designed tool refrains from utilizing expensive and less available monitoring modalities such as ultrasound imaging, Doppler velocimetry or cardiotocography. Instead, the wearable consists of a piezo-sensitive belt that is wirelessly connected to a phone or tablet. It can be used to record the frequency and amplitude of fetal movements perceived passively and non-invasively on the surface of the abdomen of the pregnant woman for a period of up to one hour while she is supine or seated in a reclined position. The ndings from the Babykick device will be correlated with those from subjective maternal assessment and the observation of the Research Coordinator during the test. This low-cost, non-invasive wearable belt could potentially reduce negative outcomes such as stillbirth, perinatal mortality and neonatal morbidity in low- to middle-income settings and is anticipated to be useful for long-term home monitoring. / Graduate

Low cost housing : an evaluation of its adequacy in relation to the Coloured group in Cape Town

Lipman, Leonard Ivan 08 April 2020 (has links)
"No single element in urban planning outweighs in importance that of housing for the well being of the individual, the family and the community. Yet few questions in urban planning are as little understood, as subject to varying standards and as open to emotionally charged argument as that of what constitutes 'adequate' and 'inadequate' urban residential environments". Whilst housing presents a universal problem, it assumes special importance and significance for South Africa. In this country, Non-Whites constitute 81 per cent of the total population and the large majority of them, who fall within the lowest income groups, are unable to provide themselves with adequate housing. In Cape Town, the Non-White population consists largely of the Coloured group. Although Westernised and becoming increasingly urbanised, this group occupies a differentiated position, in the economic, social and political structure of Cape Town's society

Design and construction criteria for domes in low-cost housing

Talocchino, Gianfranco 15 February 2007 (has links)
Student Number : 0003370N - MSc dissertation - School of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Faculty of Engineering / This dissertation investigates the different design and construction considerations involved when building a masonry dome. A detailed shape investigation was undertaken in order to summarize the best shaped dome structures. General recommendations are given for the shapes that produce the least tension and the most useable space. The effects of openings, temperature loading and wind loading were considered and a finite element analysis of the final structure was undertaken. It was found that regions of high tension exist around openings, especially under temperature loading, and materials suitable to resisting this tension were investigated (fibre plaster, chicken wire mesh and wire wrapping around openings). The final structure was built using an inflatable formwork. The construction procedure was well documented and a study of alternative methods of construction is presented. This dissertation shows that a durable, architecturally and structurally efficient low-cost masonry dome can be built if proper attention is given to minimizing and resisting tension within the structure.

Physical changes and their relationship to the socio-cultural factors in urban housing

Wahid, Julaihi B. January 1996 (has links)
No description available.

The financing of low cost housing in South Africa

10 April 2014 (has links)
M.Com. (Economics) / Please refer to full text to view abstract

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