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Generalized nowhere zero flow

Chen, Jingjing. January 1900 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--West Virginia University, 2003. / Title from document title page. Document formatted into pages; contains iii, 34 p. : ill. Includes abstract. Includes bibliographical references (p. 33-34).

Empirical study of graph properties with particular interest towards random graphs

Weinstein, Lee, January 2005 (has links)
Thesis (B.A.)--Haverford College, Dept. of Computer Science, 2005. / Includes bibliographical references.

A layout algorithm for hierarchical graphs with constraints /

Slade, Michael L. January 1994 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--Rochester Institute of Technology, 1994. / Typescript. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 77-80).

Cycles in edge-coloured graphs and subgraphs of random graphs

White, M. D. January 2011 (has links)
This thesis will study a variety of problems in graph theory. Initially, the focus will be on finding minimal degree conditions which guarantee the existence of various subgraphs. These subgraphs will all be formed of cycles, and this area of work will fall broadly into two main categories. First to be considered are cycles in edge-coloured graphs and, in particular, two questions of Li, Nikiforov and Schelp. It will be shown that a 2-edge-coloured graph with minimal degree at least 3n/4 either is isomorphic to the complete 4-partite graph with classes of order n/4, or contains monochromatic cycles of all lengths between 4 and n/2 (rounded up). This answers a conjecture of Li, Nikiforov and Schelp. Attention will then turn to the length of the longest monochromatic cycle in a 2-edge-coloured graph with minimal degree at least cn. In particular, a lower bound for this quantity will be proved which is asymptotically best possible. The next chapter of the thesis then shows that a hamiltonian graph with minimal degree at least (5-sqrt7)n/6 contains a 2-factor with two components. The thesis then concludes with a chapter about X_H, which is the number of copies of a graph H in the random graph G(n,p). In particular, it will be shown that, for a connected graph H, the value of X_H modulo k is approximately uniformly distributed, provided that k is not too large a function of n.

Circuit Bases of Strongly Connected Digraphs

Gleiss, Petra M., Leydold, Josef, Stadler, Peter F. January 2001 (has links) (PDF)
The cycle space of a strongly connected graph has a basis consisting of directed circuits. The concept of relevant circuits is introduced as a generalization of the relevant cycles in undirected graphs. A polynomial time algorithm for the computation of a minimum weight directed circuit basis is outlined. (author's abstract) / Series: Preprint Series / Department of Applied Statistics and Data Processing

Prediction of recurrence in thin melanoma using trees and random forests /

Reiter, Richard M. January 2005 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 2005. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves: 60-61)

Identifying the largest complete data set from ALFRED /

Uduman, Mohamed. January 2006 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--Rochester Institute of Technology, 2006. / Typescript. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 38-39).

Essential spanning forests and electric networks in groups /

Solomyak, Margarita. January 1997 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Washington, 1997. / Vita. Includes bibliographical references (leaves [51]-52).

Využití operačního výzkumu při navrhování linek v městské hromadné dopravě / Application of Operations Research in Line Planning in Urban Public Transport

Fator, Jiří January 2011 (has links)
This diploma thesis analyzes the problem of line planning in urban public transport as an object of Operations Research. It is based on the Theory of Graphs, building specific model network referring to a real existing network. Each line represents the flow through part of this network, respecting additional constraints. The goal is to optimize existing routing by decreasing the number of lines in service and making the routing easier to understand and remember. On the contrary to casual models, this one has been designed to perfectly describe a real existing network, tramway service in Prague, Czech Republic. Furthermore, no set of lines is given in advance. The flow is newly computed by optimizing software to fit the demand and the capacity of each branch. So the output should give the user a concrete route of each line in operation.

Um estudo introdutório da Teoria de Grafos através de matrizes

Gonçalves, Diego Rodrigues [UNESP] 31 March 2014 (has links) (PDF)
Made available in DSpace on 2014-08-13T14:50:59Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 0 Previous issue date: 2014-03-31Bitstream added on 2014-08-13T17:59:48Z : No. of bitstreams: 1 000773520.pdf: 599821 bytes, checksum: 0341b612274b313baef13dc8cdb71c59 (MD5) / O objetivo deste trabalho é apresentar alguns resultados elementares de Álgebra Linear e relacioná-los com a Teoria de Grafos, por meio de exemplos, sempre que possível. A ferramenta básica para isso é a teoria de matrizes / The aim of this work is to present some elementary results from Linear Algebra and to relate them with Graph Theory, making use of examples if possible

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