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Förlustbesparingsåtgärder för nätstationer (LV) och fördelningsstationer (HV) och dess påverkan på nätets tillförlitlighet. / Loss savings measures for substations (LV) and distribution stations (HV) and its impacts on network reliability.

Mirzaali, Mehdi January 2016 (has links)
No description available.

Continuous Collision Detection for Wires with Adaptive Resolution

Brandl, Michael January 2017 (has links)
For interactive simulations using a physics engine, a fixed time step is often necessary in order to maintain real-time performance. Furthermore, collisions between the simulated geometric objects have to be detected by solving a computational problem called collision detection. In its discrete formulation, the geometric configurations of the bodies are evaluated at each simulation time step, whereas its continuous variant also considers the bodies’ motion in betweenthe time steps. A fixed simulation time step can lead to missed collisions if only discrete collision detection is performed. This problem arises especially when simulating thin objects such as wires, chains, or ropes for applications like heavy lifting or anchor handling. In order to be able to simulate wires interacting with each other in real-time simulations, continuous collision detection is therefore necessary.An existing simulation model for wires, chains, and ropes using adaptive wire resolution has been augmented using continuous collision detection. This addition has been integrated into the physics engine AGX Dynamics. Issues in existing methods for continuous collision detection of moving line segments caused by co-linearity and co-planarity have been identified, classified and addressed. Using this augmented approach to continuous collision detection allows for alarger fixed simulation step size compared to discrete collision detection, and thus decreases the total run time by up to 58.22% in relevant scenarios.

CARIES : A Comparative Relationship Visualiser

Mäkilä, Fredrik January 2017 (has links)
Contained in this paper is Caries, a comparative relationship visualizer. The systemoperates on tweets and attempts to find named entities and map the relationshipbetween them.The biggest contribution this system makes to the academic community is its uniqueapplication area where it could be used as a form of recommendation system forcustomers. It can also be used as a form of analysis tool for marketing expertsto see what kind of named entities are being compared with each other on socialmedia. These marketing experts can then act on the information to benefit thebusiness. The paper shows that this system is viable, but there is still room forimprovement. Several suggestions for future work is offered, which could likelyincrease the performance of the system significantly.

Kinect-based Music Application for Children with Severe Physical Disabilities : Kinect-based Music Application for Children with Severe Physical Disabilities

I Made Satrya, Rudana January 2017 (has links)
Based on initial interviews with music teachers at Årstra SpecialSchool, Uppsala, it was found that each child in a music playing session has different preferences of type and sound of a musical instrument. However, most of them have combined cognitive and physical impairments, preventing them from playing the instrument that theymight like.Starting from this idea, we developed a music application using virtual instruments, so that various types of instruments and sound can be used during a single music playing session. As an input device, we used aKinect sensor developed by Microsoft, i.e., a camera based sensor thatdetects human gestures. Our application used this Kinect sensor capability to allow users to control and play the sound by just movingtheir arms in the air. Our study has shown promising results of this applicatio, such as the positive response from the participant towards the application and the ability to change the sound of an instrument to match the participant's preference easily. However there are still some things to consider before releasing it as a consumer product, for instance bettercalibration and accuracy.

Business Intelligence Application for CAD/PDM Solutions

Laroche, Jamin, Ashra, Jatin January 2016 (has links)
Large enterprises have diverse applications for different needs which is utilized over different number of applications. These applications cannot communicate with eachother frequently as it leads to slower productivity. The information needs to be exchanged in the organization for their seamless working so it is a major factor to consider this need of utilizing the information among different applications to run theprocess efficiently. In addition to this, there is also a need to represent this data thatis generated through this web service into a web application so that thedata can be clearly visualize in graphical format. Therefore, this research focuses on building a web service for an external application usage and representing that data into visualization format. It also involves using the Scania IT guidelines and thereference architecture for this implementation of web service.

Transmitting large amount of data over high-latency satellite networks

Kluczek, Michal January 2017 (has links)
Satellite link is a type of an unreliable network that is vulnerable to interferences such as disruptive foreign signals on the same frequencies, weather conditions, area coverage but mainly the distance from a satellite dish to the satellite itself. Some infrastructures, such as cruise ships, strongly rely on satellite internet and in the same time their applications require reliable data exchange with the shore-side serves. The unstable connection between two end points result in data loss due to high latency which causes dropped packets drops. This paper proposes solutions on software level to these problems.

Honing in: A user interface concept for managing dynamicinformation flows

Ingerhage, Sandra January 2017 (has links)
As more intermittent, decentralized production and consumption sources are connected to power grids, new demands are put on operators in control rooms managing the grids. Managing the grids from a tele-operation perspective, operators are dependent on communication channels connecting them with the grids. As the information flows from communication channels are reflected by changes in the grid, they are getting more challenging to manage and be situation aware of. In this thesis, a user interface concept for communicating dynamic information flows in a situation awareness supportive way is developed and evaluated in terms of providing convenient pathways to information and supporting understanding of a situation. The concept was developed through an outsetting field study and a design process guided by design rationale. Findings indicate that the concept supports situation awareness in providing convenient pathways to information, and for supporting understanding of a situation both slight improvement and slight decline in situation awareness is seen. In conclusion, the concept provides a promising alternative in giving short cuts to information and in aggregation, but much less decisively, it also integrates information in a way that supports understanding of a situation.

Techno-Economic Modelling of Tight Oil ProductionA Bottom-up Approach

Hedbrant, Per January 2017 (has links)
There has been a revolution in US oil production the last decade,mainly because of production of the unconventional tight oil, and itis therefore of great interest to be able to produce reliableforecasts on future supply.The aim of this study is to develop and explore a bottom-up well-bywellmodel for tight oil production. The model is based on theinherent physics and geology of the well, together with simplemicro-economic principles. The model is made to be modular, flexibleand well grounded in practicalities. It successfully manages toreplicate historical production profile of Eagle Ford Play both withand without economic parameters. This implies the suitability of abottom-up approach for this kind of task.The model also tries to look into the future. An exploratorysimulation result suggests that a large decrease and stagnation indrilling capacity gives a convergence in oil production to aconstant level. But, the decrease in drilling capacity does notcorrespond with the decrease in oil production. Also, a low level offuture oil price could give a hyperbolic decline in production ratewhich does not seem to level off within years.

Konstruktionsförslag på tätning till Volvo FH : Utveckling av tätning mellan lucka och fack på Volvo lastvagnar modell FH

Quander, Emelie, Dahl, Louise January 2017 (has links)
No description available.

Equitrade : En köp- och säljsida för hästar med kundnytta och trovärdighet i fokus.

Gustavsson, Sara, Lindqvist, Olivia, Marklund, Moa January 2017 (has links)
Just as there are markets for residences, vehicles and furnitures online, there are also webpages for buying and selling horses. A potential buyer for a horse is prepared to travel very far just to look at the horse that from the ad seems to be the perfect one. A short text and a few photos will not provide a comprehensive representation of the horse and unfortunately, the horse in question is not always as promised. The goal with Equitrade was to develop and improve the trade with horses through digital media focusing on user interaction and reliability. By integrating horses performance results from an external database on the webpage makes it possible for the users to be sure that the information in the ads is correct. With this feature, the information in the ads becomes reliable and creates a safer environment for users. To contribute to the usability, Equitrade has a comprehensive search and filtering feature, which creates flexibility for the users. Being able to filter using multiple search parameters makes the search process short and users can easily sort out ads that are not relevant to them. / Precis som bostäder, fordon och möbler kan en häst byta ägare via en annons på webben. Däremot är en potentiell hästköpare beredd att åka många mil för att enbart provrida den häst som till synes från annonsen verkar vara den perfekta. En kort informationstext och några bilder i en annons ger sällan en heltäckande bild av hästen och tyvärr är inte hästen ifråga alltid som den utlovats vara. Målet med Equitrade var att vidareutveckla och förbättra den digitala handeln med hästar genom en prototyp av en köp- och säljsida för hästar med fokus på kundnytta och trovärdighet. Genom att integrera tävlingsresultat från en extern databas på köp- och säljsidan kan köpare enkelt verifiera om det säljaren skrivit i annonsen stämmer. Med denna funktion blir informationen i annonserna tillförlitlig och skapar en tryggare miljö för användarna. För att bidra till kundnyttan har Equitrade en omfattande sök- och filtreringsfunktion, vilket skapar en flexibilitet för användarna. Att kunna filtrera med hjälp av ett flertal sökparametrar gör sökprocessen kort och användare kan enkelt sortera bort annonser som inte är relevanta för dem.

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