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环境紧迫感与环境保护承诺 : 社会制度及价值因素如何发挥作用 = Sense of emergency for the environment and commitment to environmental protection : the effects of social institutions and values

高艳丽, 30 November 2017 (has links)
随着经济的快速发展,全球环境问题日益严重,不断威胁着人类的生存。环保问题也成为各个领域的学者深入研究的热点。对于社会管理学学者们,目前关于环保问题的研究,最有影响力的理论之一是制度理论(InstitutionalTheory)。但是关于社会制度因素是如何影响个人的环境紧迫感和价值观与环境保护承诺和环保行为之间的关系,这些问题还没有通过实证研究加以回答。本文以制度理论为主理论,研究在个体层面上社会制度因素对环境紧迫感和环境保护承诺之间关系的调节作用。同时比较这三种制度因素,也就是调控性制度因素、规范性制度因素和文化-认知性制度因素,在其调节作用上的相对重要性。本文利用一个来自21 个国家的大样本(N=23443)数据,进行了回归和分层线性模型分析,结果表明三大制度因素均对环境保护承诺和环境保护行为有直接的影响。而且,调控性制度因素发挥着消极的调节作用,而文化-认知性制度因素发挥着积极的调节作用。同时本文针对在目前中国社会制度环境下,人们的环境紧迫感和个人价值观(物质享受需求)与环境保护承诺及环保行为之间的关系,进行了延伸性研究。此部分研究通过对从一家中国企业获得的样本数据(N=245)进行了回归分析,结果表明中国人的环境紧迫感和环境保护承诺呈边缘性显著相关,物质享受需求和环境保护承诺呈显著负相关,环境保护承诺和环保行为呈显著正相关,且环境保护承诺对环境紧迫感和环保行为起到了部分中介作用。其次,本文对实证研究结果进行了理论意义和实践意义的讨论。从理论角度,本文有助于我们理解社会制度对环境保护承诺等个体行为的调节作用。从实践角度,本文提出在环境管理问题上,社会制度不应被忽视。为了在环境保护方面做得更好,企业管理者或环保工作者应该更加关注社会制度因素的调节作用。

The control of non-localized externalities with asymmetric information

Van Egteren, Henry John Bernard January 1989 (has links)
This thesis presents a model in which there is a single agent and two principals. The agent is a monopoly firm, while the two principals are regulators who may cooperate when selecting their optimal policies or act as rivals. The specific regulatory problem in which all are involved is the control of acid rain. An environmental regulator chooses a design standard and a public utility regulator chooses a two-part pricing scheme. These choices are made within an environment of limited and asymmetric information. Specifically, we assume the firm knows more about its fixed abatement costs than does either regulator. The firm is able to act strategically when revealing this information. Within the context of this regulation problem, we characterize the equilibrium solutions when the regulators cooperate and when they act as rivals. The non-cooperative game endows the environmental regulator with the status of leader. We also give characterizations for two different kinds of rivalry, extreme rivalry and mild rivalry. In addition, this thesis presents some different results on the bunching properties of these models. / Arts, Faculty of / Vancouver School of Economics / Graduate

The insurance of environmental risks

Ashton, Ronald Shaw January 1976 (has links)
Little is known and less is understood about the insurability of liabilities for environmental damage or about the need for, nature, extent or value of the coverages offered by the insurance industry in this field. It is the object of this work to canvass these matters. At the outset, it is sought to focus attention upon the existing environmental liability risks and to i(identify some of the new common law theories that are evolving to meet the demands of society's emerging "environmental consciousness" and thereby broadening the area of risk. Against this background, the provisions of the available environmental liability insurance facilities are then presented in detail, examined and evaluated. Since it cannot be assumed ipso facto that all environmental liabilities are insurable, the insurability question is addressed in the light of the orthodoxies of public policy and insurance principle. Finally, this thesis inquires whether liability insurance can make a positive contribution to environmental regulation and to the promotion of sound environmental values. The first conclusion drawn herein is that the area of risk is sufficiently broad to warrant serious attention both from those at risk and from the insurance industry. Traditional liability insurance facilities are assessed to be inadequate and negative in their handling of the risks, falling considerably short of the goal of effective coverage. However, the new Environmental Impairment Liability Policy is seen as something of a "light in the dark". It is not without its shortcomings (these are adverted to and changes recommended) but, generally speaking, is a worthwhile initiative and a useful model for future development. On the question of the role of liability insurance in environmental regulation, it is concluded that there are indeed ways and means by which the insurance mechanism can help, provided that people in the insurance industry are appropriately motivated. / Law, Peter A. Allard School of / Graduate

Africa's ‘miracle state'? the intersection of political leaders and non-state actors in the greening of Botswana through wildlife

Mogende, Emmanuel 11 February 2021 (has links)
The premise of the thesis is that attention to the processes that produce the green state opens up avenues for analysing African states from the perspective of the green state. This study engages the theory of the green state within the African context to understand the complex processes that enabled the greening of the state in Botswana. I draw on the example of wildlife conservation policies and practices in post-independence Botswana to argue that the greening of the state entails processes by which the state interacts with non-state actors to enact environmental reforms over a long period of time. Such interaction maybe initiated by the state or by non-state actors who are determined to pursue an environmental agenda or to implement environmental strategies through organs of the state. To account for the processes that enable the greening of Botswana, the study employed an interpretive approach that is dependent on qualitative data. The study primarily draws from archival research and key informant interviews with academics, environmental consultants, representatives of civil society, relevant government departments and ministries, the private sector in Botswana's tourism, and an interview with former President Ian Khama. To understand the greening processes, the thesis analysed the qualitative data between 1966 and 2018. These historical periods cover the presidency of Seretse Khama (1966 – 1980), Ketumile Masire (1980 – 1998), Festus Mogae (1998 – 2008) and Ian Khama (2008 – 2018). The four key findings of the study are that, first, the collaboration between authorities in Botswana and international agencies and actors enabled the greening of Botswana. These agencies and actors, financed environmental related programmes, facilitated the development of green institutions, and influenced the country's conservation policies. Second, the study demonstrates that political leadership is instrumental in the greening of Botswana. The four presidencies paid attention to environmental protection though there were variations in each presidency. The presidency of Ian Khama stands out as an important period in greening of the state as he strengthened the greening process by realigning the wildlife economy with political power. Third, the study found that the greening process necessitates the internal restructuring of the state through the establishment of green institutions, which serve to realign state activities with the green agenda. Fourth and lastly, the study reveals that the greening of the state in Botswana is accompanied by negative state-citizen relations in the wildlife sector. These relations played out through the marginalization of the local people in the ecotourism enterprise within the context of community-based natural resource management initiative.

Three essays on the theory and practice of environmental standard-setting

Heyes, Anthony G. January 1993 (has links)
No description available.

The business implications of the environmental chapter of the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement

Reynolds, Meghan Early. January 2006 (has links)
Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida, 2006. / Title from title page of source document. Document formatted into pages; contains 116 pages. Includes vita. Includes bibliographical references.

The urban environmental park /

Chan, Chi-keong, Johnson, January 1995 (has links)
Thesis (M. Arch.)--University of Hong Kong, 1995. / Includes special report study entitled: Environmental strategies of ar chitecture in Hong Kong. Includes bibliographical references.

Bridging biblical faith and ecology for adults an experiential environmental education program /

Houck, Linda. January 2009 (has links)
Field project (M.Ed.)--Western Washington University, 2009. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves 102-104). Also issued online.

A concept database for environmental planning /

You, Xia. January 1993 (has links)
Thesis (M.U.R.P.)--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1993. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves 157-176). Also available via the Internet.

A study of the implementation of environmental protection policies in Hong Kong /

Yau, Mei-po, Mable. January 1995 (has links)
Thesis (M.P.A.)--University of Hong Kong, 1995. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves 142-145).

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