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Fyzická aktivita jako náplň volného času ve 20. století. Srovnání Sokola a fitnesscentra / Physical activity as a leisure time activities in the 20th century. The Comparison of Sokol and fitness-center.

JANDEJSKOVÁ, Markéta January 2017 (has links)
Thesis deals with physical activity as a leisure time spending in the 20th century. It compares two organizations which provide conditions for developing physical fitness the Sokol and fitness center. The theoretical part is focused on detailed description of both organizations and basic terms of the topic. The practical part is based on an assumption that today society needs to spend time on active leisure. It uses information obtained from a question-form and observation in order to determine positive influence of both organizations on the society. There is also a comparison of the Sokol and fitness center which is based on outcome from gathered data. Obtained information and theoretical premise are compared at the end of the thesis.

Role diskurzních markerů v bezprostřední neformální konverzaci rodilých a nerodilých mluvčích

SOMMEROVÁ, Petra January 2010 (has links)
The thesis is focused on the study of discourse markers in English informal language. The main corpus includes seven face-to-face conversations of native and non-native speakers and serves as the basis for the research. At first, necessary linguistic terms are defined. Then, the corpus and speakers{\crq} characteristics are presented. The practical part concerns frequency, different functions and positions of particular discourse markers. The factors which might influence the possible choice of discourse markers and its motivation are focused on. Attention is also paid to the frequency of discourse markers used by the class of non-native speakers who were divided to the sub-classes of pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced. The work further observes co-occurrence of the markers and ambiguous expressions that are not easily distinguishable. Finally, the results of the research are interpreted and analyzed.

Funkce inferencí při porozumění textu / Inferences in text understanding

Honková, Tereza January 2011 (has links)
The thesis deals with inferences and their function in text understanding. The theoretical part involve a survey of various definitions of inference, a setting of notions which are related to inferences and at last classification of inferences based on linguistic and psychological literature. The empirical part is based on analysis of cook recipes (and technical instruction partially). We have set five means of language which indicate a necessity of making inference (pronouns, ellipsis, hyponyms-hypernyms relation, pronoun vše and adjectivizated participles) - in all cases these inferences are necessary for comprehension. We confronted these inferences with classification described in the theoretical part. Another inferences we make as the text is read are infereces which are not associated with a concrete means of language: bridging inferences and instrumental inferences. Knowledge of the language, general knowledges and experiences take part in inferencing.

Koheze a koherence ve francouzských a českých textech / Cohesion and Coherence in French and Czech Texts

Rusá, Ludmila January 2011 (has links)
in English This thesis deals with the means that French and Czech use to express the text coherence and cohesion. It pays special attention to functional sentence perspective which is expressed in different ways in these two languages. It focuses on the category of French determinants and its important role in the expression of functional sentence perspective. The empirical part of the thesis explores the possibilities the translator has to express lexically the presence of various determinants that appear in original texts, and it tries to prove the theory that a higher occurrence of determinants in French affects Czech translations. This hypothesis will be proven by comparing the frequency of prounous that occur in Czech translations and Czech original texts.

Studium spinové polarizace v polovodičích pomocí laserové spektroskopie / Investigation of spin polarization in semiconductors by laser spectroscopy

Butkovičová, Dagmar January 2011 (has links)
This work is devoted to the investigation of a spin polarization in ferromagnetic semiconductor Ga1-xMnxAs with a broad nominal concentration of manganese ions using one method of the ultrafast laser spectroscopy - the time-resolved Kerr rotation. At first, the experimental setup was optimized for the investigation of the dynamics of spin polarized charge carriers in semiconductors which were photo-generated by circularly polarized laser pulses. It was observed that the measured signal is induced by spin-polarized electrons. Due to a small thickness of the investigated ferromagnetic films the measured signal probably monitored the dynamics of fotogenerated electrons in GaAs substrate. Nevertheless, the measured data show that the electron spin dynamics in the substrate is significantly influenced by proximity effect due to the deposited ferromagnetic layer.

Vybrané aspekty jazyka rozhlasových pořadů o vaření / Selected aspects of radio programmes on cooking

Jelínková, Blanka January 2012 (has links)
This thesis discusses selected linguistic aspects of two radio culinary broadcasts (Rozhlas u plotny, Pochoutky). The theoretical part deals with the tradition of spoken language research, its resources and the phenomena studied. The conclusion of this chapter is devoted to the approaches to spoken language focused on coherence and cohesion. For the purposes of analysis, transcripts of above mentioned radio culinary broadcasts were made. Specific transcription rules (based on different existing transcription rules) were created, to suit our type of analysis. In Rozhlas u plotny, the guest is a professional chef, in Pochoutky, the guest is an actor or a presenter. First part of the work briefly describes and compares language of these two types of speakers in the terms of phonetics, morphology, lexicology, syntax and stylistics. Subsequently, the main part of the thesis concentrates on textual syntax and describes cohesion and coherence of spoken dialogue. From this point of view, it focuses on comparison of two types of dialogues (and two types of speakers): predominantly continuous dialogue vs. predominantly interrupted dialogue (e.g. by overlapping talk). Thus, it gives examples representing various ways of retaining cohesion and coherence in continuous dialogue and in interrupted dialogue. Key...

Modelování společného pohybu cen na energetickém trhu / Crude oil co-movement with other representatives of energy and non-energy commodity markets

Mustivaya, Julia January 2012 (has links)
Financialization of crude oil and its frequent inclusion into investment portfo- lios raise the demand for proper correlation estimates of this commodity and other financial assets. This thesis particularly examines the co-movement of crude oil price with prices of four other representatives of commodity market (gasoline, natural gas, gold and Industrials Index). It contributes to the exist- ing literature by the results obtained from application of wavelet coherence, which allows uncovering dynamics of interconnection between commodity prices in time as well as over different frequencies. Analysis brings many in- teresting findings and practical implications. Among others, it specifies the investment horizons that should be considered to maximize diversification properties of studied commodities. 1

Diskurzní vztahy v češtině / Discourse Relations in Czech

Poláková, Lucie January 2015 (has links)
This doctoral thesis is devoted to linguistic analysis of discourse relations as one of the aspects of discourse coherence. Discourse relations are semantic relations holding between propositions in a discourse (discourse arguments). The aim of the thesis is a complex description of discourse relations in Czech and its application in an annotation scheme in the Prague Dependency Treebank. The thesis is divided into three parts: The first one is focused on the theoretical description of discourse relations and on analysis of adequacy of various methodological concepts in corpus processing. The second part describes in detail the proposed scheme for the annotation of discourse relations and the process of the corpus build- up including the evaluation of consistency of the annotated data. Finally, in the last part of the thesis, we address some problematic issues arisen with the employment the proposed scheme and look for their possible solutions.

Koheze a koherence textu komiksových příběhů (Astérix a Obélix). / Cohesion and coherence of the comic books´ text (Astérix and Obélix).

MUŽÍČKOVÁ, Nikola January 2015 (has links)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the comic book´s texts. The objective of this thesis is the analysis of relationships in this kind of texts, with a special focus on its illustrational constituent part and on the description of several types of anaphora. As a model to the elaboration of this thesis were a few of comic books Astérix, published in French language. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and an analytical part. The theoretical part contains three different chapters. First of them deals with the description of comic books as an individual art, the second one describe the comic books Astérix and the third one is dedicated to the linguistic terms, which are closely connected to this subject. All referential relationships between the referential parts of some of comic books Astérix are demonstrated in the analytical part.

Principy alokace kapitálu / Capital allocation principles

Dvořák, Daniel January 2016 (has links)
Insurance companies or other financial institutions face financial risks during their various activites. Risk capital is allocated in order to cover these risks. The goal of capital allocation is to redistribute this capital to various constituents of the firm with respect to their riskiness. The thesis deals with risk measures and allocation methods. Special emphasis is put on the notions of coherent risk measures and coherent allocation methods. Conditions of coherence are checked for certain allocation methods. The thesis also deals with practical calculation of allocations to individual risks using allocation methods. 1

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