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Verallgemeinerungen und Anwendungen der Fulton-Gouterman-Transformation

Rapp, Matthias 12 May 2000 (has links)
No description available.

Verallgemeinerungen und Anwendungen der Fulton-Gouterman-Transformation

Rapp, Matthias. January 2000 (has links)
Stuttgart, Univ., Diss., 2000.

Is transformation surviving?

Daly, Michael January 2016 (has links)
Recent political events in South Africa have emphasized the importance of faculty diversity. Very little research has considered why it is the case that 20 years after the end of Apartheid, only 14% of professors are black. Or, why the University of Cape Town does not have a single black South African woman who is a full professor. Is it the case that black faculty are discriminated against during the hiring process or is it the case that black faculty depart at significantly higher rates than white faculty as sometimes suggested? Further, how do race, education and institutional factors interact in determining diversity levels? Survival analysis methods coupled with a novel data-set consisting of detailed administrative employee records, proxies for performance and various socio-economic variables are employed to test various hypotheses related to these questions. The findings suggest that the level of diversity is of secondary importance to an employee's race when determining the likelihood of survival at the University of Cape Town. In addition, findings suggest that the university is performing far better in terms of gender equality than racial equality. Overall, race matters, not only through a direct correlation between employee race and tenure length, but also through indirect effects where employees who differ significantly from others in their respective faculty (in terms of race, tenure, age, education and gender) face increased rates of departure from the work place.

Contribution à la prise en compte des plates-formes logicielles d'exécution dans une ingénierie générative dirigée par les modèles / Contribution to the software execution platform integration in a generative model driven engineering

Thomas, Frédéric 21 November 2008 (has links)
Face à la complexité des applications logicielles multitâches, une approche prometteuse est l'automatisation des développements. En pratique, cela se concrétise par des générateurs capables de produire les implantations propres aux plates-formes logicielles d’exécution multitâche. Ces générateurs sont figés autour d'heuristiques d'implantations propres à chaque plate-forme visée. En vue d'obtenir des solutions plus flexibles, cette étude a pour objectif d'externaliser les formalismes propres aux plates-formes d'exécution dans des modèles explicites. Ces modèles sont alors utilisés en entrée des ingénieries ce qui permet de capitaliser et de réutiliser les générateurs. Pour y parvenir, cette étude définit un motif générique pour la modélisation des plates-formes logicielles d'exécution, une extension au langage UML pour la modélisation des plates-formes multitâches et une infrastructure de transformation intégrant ces modèles de plates-formes. / To minimize the inherent complexity of multitasking programs, a promising approach is to automate developments. In practice, automation is achieved by generators. Those generators produce applications which execute on software multitasking platforms (for example multitasking operating systems). Such generators are in fact specific to selected platforms. They are made of implementation rules which are specific to each platform. In order to cope with adaptable and flexible solutions, this study aims to explicitly describe executing platforms as parameters of generators. For that, it defines, firstly, a generic pattern dedicated to modelling software execution platforms, secondly, an extension to the UML language for modelling multitasking software execution platforms (the Software Resource Modeling profile) and, thirdly, a transformation framework based on explicit platform models.

Sur une classe de groupes discontinus de transformations birationnelles quadratiques : et sur les fonctions de trois variables indépendantes restant invariables par ces transformations /

Giraud, Georges, January 1915 (has links)
Thèse--Faculté des sciences de Paris, 1915.

Image Transformation by Numerical Methods

Lin, Yi-Chiung 17 June 2002 (has links)
The splitting-integrating method(SIM) is well suited to the inverse transformations of digital images and patterns in 2D, but it encounters some difficulties involving nonlinear solutions for the forward transformation. New techniques are explored in this thesis to bypass the nonlinear solution process completely, to save CPU time, and to be more flexible for general and complicated transformations T, such as the harmonic model which convert the original shape of images and patterns to other arbitrary shapes. In this thesis, the finite element method (FEM) are used to seek the approximate transformation of the harmonic model. The new methods of image transformation are applied to human face. To describe the face boundary, we use the method combining Lagrange polynomial and Hermite interpolation seeking for the corresponding grid points besides the fixed ones. The greyness of images under geometric transformations by the splitting-integrating method has the error bounds, O(H)+O(H/N^2) as using the piecewise bilinear interpolations (u =1), for smooth images, where H(<<1) is mesh resolution of an optical scanner, and N is the division number of a pixel split into N^2 sub-pixels. Furthermore, there often occur in practical applications the discontinuity images whose greyness jump is a minor portion of the entire image, e.g., the piecewise continuous images but with the interior and exterior boundary of greyness jumps, or the continuous pictures accompanied with a finite number of isolated pixels. For this kind of discontinuous images, the error bounds are also derived in this thesis to be $O(H^{eta})+O(H^{eta}/N^2), ~ eta in (0,1]$ as $mu =1$. The image greyness made before was always assumed to be smooth enough, this error analysis is significant for geometric image transformations.

Studies on the intrageneric transformation of Neisseria meningitidis to streptomycin resistance and streptomycin dependence by Neisseria flavescens deoxyribonucleic acid.

Leung, Harry Ming-Hing. January 1977 (has links)
No description available.

China und das Recht des geistigen Eigentums die Vereinbarungen mit der WTO und ihre Umsetzung

Ring, Marcus January 2007 (has links)
Zugl.: Tübingen, Univ., Diplomarbeit, 2007 u.d.T.: Ring, Marcus: Die Vereinbarungen zwischen der VR China und der WTO auf dem Gebiet der geistigen Eigentumsrechte und ihre Umsetzung

Über den Zusammenhang zwischen den Konvergenzabszissen der Holomorphie- ind der Beschränktheitsabszisse bei der Laplace-Transformation.

Bloch, Pierre Henri, January 1948 (has links)
Promotionsarbeit--Eidgenüssische Technische Hochschule, Zürich. / Vita. "Separatdruck aus Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, vol. 22, fasc, 1."

Über den Zusammenhang zwischen den Konvergenzabszissen der Holomorphie- ind der Beschränktheitsabszisse bei der Laplace-Transformation.

Bloch, Pierre Henri, January 1948 (has links)
Promotionsarbeit--Eidgenüssische Technische Hochschule, Zürich. / Vita. "Separatdruck aus Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, vol. 22, fasc, 1."

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