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Trucking and Size and Weight Regulations in Costa Rica

The purpose of this research is to increase transportation engineering knowledge about trucking operations and truck size and weight regulations in Costa Rica. This is done to reveal issues that should be considered in defining, evaluating, and choosing among alternative courses of action to improve truck operations and safety in the country. The research analyzes truck operations in Costa Rica with respect to the transportation system, truck size, weight and safety regulations, trucking activity and operating weights of trucks, and future transportation developments that may impact truck operations. This is done through the analysis of available data related to truck operations including an analysis of weight data to determine compliance with weight regulations and the associated operations of the trucking industry in Costa Rica. A series of interviews and site visits were used to understand the transportation system, regulations, enforcement, and associated issues.
Date20 September 2012
CreatorsMacAngus, Jane Christine
ContributorsMontufar, Jeannette (Civil Engineering), Clayton, Alan (Civil Engineering) Prentice, Barry (Asper School of Business)
Source SetsUniversity of Manitoba Canada
Detected LanguageEnglish

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