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Evaluating the cases is the most important work in Venture Capital Company. So the key successful factor is to correctly and efficiently choose the invest case. In the past researches, they probed the important of evaluating criteria and ranged the evaluating criteria. But no study researches were from characters of manager, so the study wants to know the relationship between the characters of manager and the evaluating criteria.
The results show that the venture capital managers who have commerce background would pay more attention to the marketing ability of enterprise team; managers who have science or engineering background would pay less attention to the financial ability of enterprise team; managers who have the experience in high-tech industry would pay less attention to marketing ability of enterprise team. And the emphases on managerial ability and product and technology innovation would grow up with the age of the venture capital managers. Besides that, this study finds that in the venture capital industry managers are very young and have high educational background.

Date12 June 2002
CreatorsChang, Huei-Jiun
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