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The Relationship among Outsourcing Management and Outsourcing Performance

By means of collecting the outsourcing experiences of different companies for example, the main topic of the study is to discuss the relationship among outsourcing management (Commitment-Based, Productivity-Based, Complained-Based and Collaborative-Based ) and outsourcing performance and the confounding effect of outsourcing job value and uniqueness on the relationships among the above variables. We hope that the findings of this study can be of the references for the companies to implement the outsourcing.
The questionnaire survey was adopted for the study. The samples were collected through the staff of different companies who manage the outsourcing projects for the companies. There were 220 questionnaires totally being released, 101 questionnaires were returned and 76 of them were valid samples.
Through statistics analysis, the main results of the study are¬°G
1. The Complained-Based and Productivity-Based are the most common ways for the companies to adopt in outsourcing management, and the Commitment-Based is the least way to be adopted to manage outsourcing, especially in the financial banking industry, we got such kind of findings. As for the outsourcing performance, almost all the companies we surveyed are satisfied with it and with no significant difference among different companies. And the different industries affect the value and uniqueness of outsourcing job, particularly, the value of outsourcing job of financial banking industry is higher than other industries.
2. The Collaborative-Based outsourcing management has positively correlations not only with outsourcing effectiveness but also with the overall outsourcing performance and affectes them in a positive way. At the same time, the collaborative-based management also affects outsourcing efficiency. And we also found that the Commitment-Based outsourcing management affects the outsourcing efficiency and the overall outsourcing performance in a negative way.
3. The value of outsourcing job has positive confounding effect on the relationship between the Collaborative-Based outsourcing management and the outsourcing efficiency. We found that as for the high value of outsourcing jobs, the companies that adopted more Collaborative-Based management resulted in more efficient outsourcing outcome.
Key Words¬°GOutsourcing, Outsourcing Management, Outsourcing Performance, Value, Uniqueness
Date30 June 2008
CreatorsHo, Mei-Ling
ContributorsJin-Feng Uen, Shyh-jer Chen, Liang-Chih Huang, Shu-Ling Wu
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsrestricted, Copyright information available at source archive

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