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Combustion Control of Refuse Incineration Plant by DA Type Fuzzy PID Controller

For the operation of refuse incineration plant, the major difficulties with trash are the unstable nature and the uncertainty. The complexity of trash ingredient causes the traditional control method fail to obtain a stable combustion condition and steam flow rate. It is necessary to seek a new control method to adapt to the volatile combustion features of refuse incinerator. Based on correlation literature research [2], the fuzzy control theory is proposed to provide a good combustion condition to stabilize the steam flow rate for the combustion control of refuse furnace, and effectively reduce the rate of personnel involvement. Different from the rule based fuzzy theory, the Direct Action type Fuzzy Proportion-Integral-Differential control theory (Direct Action type Fuzzy PID) is designed to combine a single input variable and three-rule fuzzy inference system. With a traditional PID controller, the DA type Fuzzy PID controller will have a simple structure as well as the nonlinear output property.
Object of control is a reverse-acting grate type incinerator. Establishment of the model is done with estimates of the value of LHV and steam flow rate, coordinating the actual structure of furnace to infer the speed variable feeder model. Establishment and simulation of the control system works under the MATLAB environment. Parameter-tuning of the controller uses the Genetic Algorithm (GA) for optimization. By joining the furnace model and the controller for simulation, it proves that the Direct Action type Fuzzy PID controller has good performance and is feasible to the combustion control for refuse incineration plant.
Date04 August 2005
CreatorsTsai, Cheng-Yu
ContributorsChin-Der Yang, Whei-Min Lin, Ta-Peng Tsao
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsoff_campus_withheld, Copyright information available at source archive

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