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Carbon material and property of hole are appraised while making preface by the law of mask works

The hitting the carbon material looks of hole of ordered structure relatively has its more apparent physics and chemical characteristic in the traditional powder sample, this research makes hitting the carbon material of hole in order to utilize the law of mask works and making and lying between the qualification of the view structure to it of preface structure. Utilize different carbon precursor containing carbon proportion, for instance: Carbon material of hole in cane sugar, phenol aldehyde tree ester and pitch come to prepare; And to the structure of hole, for instance: The hole shrinks the homogeneity, hole shrinking rate ,etc. the physical and not last comparison at chemical property.
First of all, utilizing has no emulsification to get together (not add any to hand in and unite pharmaceutical) Styrene the single /last sulfic acid potassium / water prepare by polystyrene ball in system. The styrene thickness is reduced to adjust the single weight ratio to styrene of initial pharmaceutical and look on as, then the ball size of polystyrene is diminished, controlling all kinds of technology of the spheroid, can already produce the polystyrene ball under the diameter 100 nm. Use 4 second silicic acid / ammonia water / deionized water / ethanol prepare and oxidize the silicon ball two times on the other hand, experiment course make use of adjust ammonia water in not reacting ear count than may be controlled and oxidized the ball size of silicon 2 times relatively. Experiment to can produce by the twoes of the 100 nms diameter because it oxidize by silicon ball, cause accord with endure research to a the above-mentioned spheroid particle by rice grades of material size already all fully.
The second part of experiment includes the carbon material of carbon proportion to prepare in order to utilize differently out and hit the carbon material of hole in order for the source, thereafter utilize SEM, X-ray and Ramam After the instrument analyzes, sum up the property difference of every carbon material and characteristic trend. The result of study reveals, in order to include carbons carbon material structure of hole prepared out of the carbon material source the lower in proportion, its diameter of average hole is smaller, the shrinking rate of hole is larger, the hole wall is thinner and slightly broken in shape. Another result reveals, the graphite intensity of the carbon material of hole relates to material source own one's share structure of carbon, contain benzene ring many line molecular structure and reticular formation facilitate, raise carbonization graphite intensity react, and molecule layer distance light; The influence containing benzene and surrounding the structure among them is superior to the reticular formation. In addition, the experimental result has revealed the material grade of hole in the average diameter of carbon material of hole has already reached for 350 nm.
Date10 August 2010
CreatorsCheng, Hao-Yu
ContributorsLu, Hong-Yang, Hsu, Tzu-Chien, Hwang, Bing-Hwai, Kao, Li-Heng
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsunrestricted, Copyright information available at source archive

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