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Knowledge Sharing Mechanism Under Pragmatic Community Operation-Case Study Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.

Two 11th centuries are knowledge economic era, and organization is to individual, create and exert knowledge technology, will become enterprise competition's hinge, on the other hand, organize need to depend on individual to bring forth knowledge, but individual need organization stand by and supply proper environment too, to aggrandizes individual create knowledge motivation, and depend on organization construct integral source net to impel knowledge create process concretize.
But enterprise value locality, often consist in hide at personal wisdom mode in, hard to dig ¡CHide in personal in hide knowledge, if can not convert act for organizational knowledge, then knowledge will as personnel leaves but leave organization, result in company wisdom asset's abatement ¡CBut permeate knowledge group's operation under, assistant to enterprise catch personnel in hide knowledge and create organization value best style true.
Permeate this research, bring up five biggest research discover, cent mention as follow : discover a, group member skill multiformity assistants to group abidingly operate; Discover two, group inside interacts machine-made establish, benefit to believe in share culture establish; Discover three, usually group activity chief aim consists in hold together relation, establish believe in relationship network unbleached linen; Discover four, organization should intervene group's operation too, encourage formally come up to informal group machine-made; Discover five, practice group's operation, support troop's concept.
So, permeate enterprise reality tusk knowledge group's operation under, satisfy organize functional requirement to knowledge management, assistant manufacture innovate, settle problem, disseminate optimum real tusk and impart ingoing personnel with innovation ¡CBut thereinto let members is willing to bring forth knowledge share machine-made appear, critical then consist in believe in machine-made establish ¡CBecause group between has this layer belief's relation, while thereinto certain group member meets problem, can hasten move it participant relative group at problematic guide below, begin make knowledge creation, share with transfer ¡CSo we can say, problematic bring forth will initiate knowledge group close interaction, transform for practice group.
Therefore this research think enterprise should as reality tusk group act for ordinary basic framework, at abidingly cultivate expertise with interpersonal belief net unbleached linen establish basis ¡CBy the time problem bring forth time, can settle problem and will should problem-solving style or experience inherit down quickly ¡CSo, can complement tradition be steping function case troop's insufficient place.
Date30 August 2004
CreatorsHsieh, Yao-chien
Contributorsnone, Stephen D. Tsai, none
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsnot_available, Copyright information available at source archive

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