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Die onderwyseres se persepsie van intrinsieke bevorderingshindernisse / Idilette van Deventer

This research focussed on the following issues: • The underrepresentation of female teachers in educational management posts • The teacher's perception of intrinsic promotional barriers.
The investigation into the female teacher's perception of intrinsic promotional
barriers as reason for her underrepresentation, was based on a study of available
literature. Her femininity and female attitudes are held responsible for her
underrepresentation. Documented intrinsic perceptions are • sex roles and sex-role typing • sex-role socialisation • societal stereotyping • psychological expectations • motivation and career expectations • role conflict.
The female teacher's perception of intrinsic.barriers, as identified by the study,
was empirically verified by means of a structured questionnaire.
The study concludes with a summary, deductions and recommendations drawn
from the research.
Intrinsic promotional barriers that are experienced by the female teacher, include: • Sex roles and the influence of sex-role typing • Role conflict.
Intrinsic promotional barriers that were not widely experienced by female teachers
were: • Sex-role socialisation • Societal stereotyping • Psychological expectations • Motivation and career expectations. The recommendations were that the principles of equality and non-discrimination
should be reinforced, the use of "educator" instead of "teacher" encouraged and
an enquiry into extrinsic barriers to promotion, followed by the implementation of
a management development programme. / Thesis (MEd)--PU for CHE, 1998
Date January 1998
CreatorsVan Deventer, Idilette
PublisherPotchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
Source SetsNorth-West University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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