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Suppression of substrate noise in a mixed-signal CMOS intergrated circuit

Substrate switching noise is becoming a concern as integrated circuits get larger
and speeds get faster. Mixed-mode integrated circuits are especially affected as the
substrate noise interferes with sensitive analog circuits resulting in limited signal to noise
ratios. This thesis serves to study the cause of the noise at the point where it is generated
to the way it propagates to the analog circuits, and presents several approaches to reduce
the switching noise. In addition, it examines the substrate impedance as being a key
element to successful and reliable design for low-noise CMOS mixed-signal integrated
circuits. Utilizing the substrate lead inductance and current-variable capacitances through
the use of guard ring diodes, resonant frequencies which provide a low impedance path to
ground are created. These can be tuned to coincide with problematic noise frequency
components or to cancel the pin and package resonance, thus suppressing noise and
improving reliability. / Graduation date: 1997
Date29 May 1996
CreatorsLim, Wei Tjan (Richard)
ContributorsForbes, Leonard
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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